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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, May 8, 2009.

  1. I must resist.
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  2. This could potentially become their best album for me. I am basing this off the songs I have heard, since I try to avoid clips as much as I can, but they have really seemed to nail the dance sound they have been going for since the Solveig collaborations. These songs also sound a lot better produced and mastered than Fixin to Thrill and Bodyparts, which both sounded a bit DIY at times. Let the Night Fall has been the only victim so far. They might be straying from the new wave/pop rock-ish sound that they started out with, but I don't mind when the songs themselves are this spectacular.
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  3. I'm so hyped for this record. Like I said before, I was put off by a few of the prerelease tracks but everything sounds dope thus far.
  4. I'm going to avoid all previews for the songs I haven't heard so I have a good 10 songs to get to know when the album arrives.

    So happy to have Dragonette back in a non feature capacity.
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  5. I was going through different songwriter databases and found a bulk of the album's writing credits. Martina has been doing a lot of writing without Dan, not surprising considering the seperation. Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here are the ones I found:

    Let the Night Fall (Martina Sorbara & Dan Kurtz)
    Body 2 Body (Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz, Pierre-Luc Roux & Ayal Yonathan)
    Lonely Heart (Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz, Stefan Gräslund & Anthony Rossomando)
    Royal Blues
    Sweet Poison (Martina Sorbara, Matt Schwartz & Rob Benvegnu)
    Secret Stash (Martina Sorbara, Dan Traynor & Michiel Thomassen)
    Save My Neck
    Darth Vader (Martina Sorbara & Matt Schwartz)
    High Five
    Detonate (Martina Sorbara & Mark Nilan Jr.)
    Love Can't Touch Me Now (Martina Sorbara & Monsieur Adi)
    Lost Teenagers
    Future Ghost
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  6. The previews sound pretty amazing for the most part. 'Darth Vader' has a ridiculous title but sounds like a mega bop. Bought 'Body2Body' immediately this morning and it sounds even better through headphones. Even 'Lonely Heart' has grown on me. Really excited for this now.

    Also, I see you, Martina. Making me buy 'Sweet Poison' twice to preorder the album. Fleece me, Queen.
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  7. Body 2 Body is amazing, recaptured my attention after I'd gradually lost interest in them.
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  8. CD copies are £20? Not on Amazon/HMV either... only direct.
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  9. Feeling your pain, anfunny. Why do they have to rip us ol' timers off just because we want a tangible music format? Still, the album sounds really good based on the previews so I'm sure I'll cave in and throw them my money!
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  10. We'll also have to wait a couple of weeks for it to reach us from overseas... SIGH.
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  11. Royal Blues, the song, sounds quite spectacular from the previews. With a name like that I was hoping it would be magical and they delivered. It has that Run Run Run feeling to it which means it's going to be the stand out for me.
  12. I've ordered the signed copy from Pledge for £25. Le sigh. I just hope the CD doesn't come in a shitty cardboard sleeve like Bodyparts did.
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  13. You know it will. I haven't ordered because a) it's super overpriced and b) everytime I fall for these exclusives, the album appears on Amazon for like $10.

    I actually repurchased Bodyparts so I could have the Japan edition, mostly for the bonus track, but also so I could get rid of cardboard copy.
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  14. I liked the cardboard sleeve for Bodyparts, actually. It seemed like a step up from the CDs they'd had before (with the exception of the plastic Mixin to Thrill sleeve). Every single copy of Galore I purchased - US, Canada, UK - had those glossy inserts that disintegrated the moment I looked at them wrong.
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  15. I know, you needed to wear those white museum gloves to take the disc out!
  16. Give me this song immediately.
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  17. I can't stop playing the preview for Royal Blues (the song), it sounds like an absolute dream. 11th November can't come quick enough. I've refrained from previewing the final 8 tracks so they'll be nice and fresh on release day.
  18. Does anyone have an idea of what the postage would be to the UK if I order the vinyl from Pledge?
  19. I want to know this too, I think people have been saying that the CD price already has the shipping cost included in it. It would be great if that was the same for the vinyl...
  20. Darth Vader has dragged me from the dark side into the light. What a song! Sithy that track Dragonette
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