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Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I'm ordering my Vander Von Odd t-shirt to match my laminated stanclub membership card.
  2. There's nothing more punk than stretching out an episode to two by using slow motion shots and long chats about your feelings and how great the show is.

    Such an enjoyable two episodes...

    I am OVER all these drag reality shows.
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  3. None of us are particularly excited about Drag Race anymore, but we're still going to watch. Let's be honest! I was finished with The Apprentice years ago. It's terrible. Really bad TV. But I still watch it. Habit is a terrible thing.
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  4. Yeah, I will continue to watch both shows intently, no matter what.

    The self congratulatoriness is just so annoying.
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  5. The Boulet Brothers answered some questions on Reddit and a surprises popped up. For instance, they write the entire show including the skits and the deaths. Biqtch Puddin's gothic bride sequence had a lot cut from it for legal reasons. The death scenes are filmed first, well before the Extermination Challenge. Swan made the Mad Max armour and horns as well as Israel's outfit in the same episode. Also, Monikkie shows up in the thread and it looks like The Boulet Brothers blank her...

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  6. The thought of an All Stars season makes me wet.
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  8. I want Loris back. Classic underdog.
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  9. Can you imagine... If they walked in and Melissa and Loris clock each other from across the room.

    I would like Dahli back; I thought her looks were absolutely incredible and I'd love to see more.

    And regardless of who wins this season; Biqtch, James or Victoria, the other two will be back.
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  10. Based on the AMA, I think Meatball and Ursula would be dead-certs for All Stars.
  11. RE: Biqtch's bride look getting less airtime;
    I would've thrown my phone at the screen, screaming with laughter.

    Even though this season is still airing, I'm very excited for season three already. What are some floor show themes you'd like to see and are there any queens you'd want on the show?
  12. I would love to see Hungry, Lucy Stoole and Imp Queen.

    I think a Carrie-inspired challenge would be fun.
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  13. That is pure Dragula and would be perfect!
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  14. Imp would be more suited to Dragula than Drag Race, she'd be a fun one to see on the runway. Charity Kase would be great if she had a working visa.

    A Carrie-esque challenge would be great; they could fashion it to be the direct antithesis of the scream queen challenge. Create a killer and give her a story.

    I think I'd like a fallen angel challenge.
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  15. Also, here are some girls I'd like to see;



    Tony Berrow

    Opulence Black (Victoria's boyfriend)

    Onyx Black
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  16. I'm SCREECHING these are so good

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  17. I completely forgot that first girl eliminated was even part of the season.
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  18. It's a shame we didn't get to see more of Felony, she does have some cool looks in her arsenal and seemed like a really nice person.

    Plus, as a boy, quite attractive.
  19. Felony's cenobite look was easily the best in the bottom 3 so I don't think her elimination was particularly fair.
  20. Dracmorda's disgust at her boots probably worked horribly against her in the final decision.
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