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Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. "When Drag Race keeps saying no."

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  2. I love hearing about a queen's creative process and with someone as loony as Disasterina, the stories are quite brilliant.

  3. I adore Disasterina. She's so much fun. In another universe, she's as highly regarded by fans as Tammie Brown.
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  4. I didn't ~get~ her at first but I fucking love Disasterina now.
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  5. I haven't found a full video, but Vander's most recent performance at Sasha Velour's Nightgowns looks fucking amazing

    She's an absolutely wonderful creature. Treiops is such a brilliant and adaptable artist, and I love that he has expressed some of it through drag.
  6. God Bless Sasha for giving Vander regular slots. I wish we had a night like Nightgowns here in the UK.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. Could Vander appear on Drag Race and win at some point?
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  9. Just noticed that both seasons have been added to Amazon Prime in the UK. Might open the show up to wider audience.
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  10. A Drag Race All Stars where they throw in Vander and whoever wins this season as curveballs would be quite fun.
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  11. I would have 100% time for this season.
    I'd love it as a Dragula All Stars Vs. Drag Race All Stars.
    Vander, James, Victoria, Biqtch, Dahli, Disasterina, Meatball, Melissa, Loris and Xochi to choose from the Dragula bunch.

    I would crease at the first Drag Race girl to say "Did I miss a season, who are these spooky bitches?!"
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  12. Ru would falsely announce Sharon Needles as the winner every week on accident.
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  13. It took me longer than I'd care to admit to realise that Abhora was dressed as Disasterina and Disasterina as Abhora...
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  14. It's eerily a spot-on impression from both of them, even the voice is nailed
  15. In celebration of Dragula's return this week

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  16. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I've missed watching Dragula over the holiday period.
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  17. Ok but I DIED LAUGHING when Dracmorda looked at Felony and said who the fuck's this?
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  18. "If you can't hate yourself, how the hell are you gonna hate anybody else?"
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  19. Meatball's cameo was the highlight of that reunion, the pacing was a damn MESS.
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