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Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

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  2. Biqtch has got this in the bag. The girls were stanning for her.
  3. Nothing but respect for my super monster. I screamed at her audition ‘I’m Biqtch Puddin and im here to tell you that not only do I eat ass but I also swallow loads too.’
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I think James will win but Biqtch deserves it.
  6. The problem, mainly, is that their sketch took too long. The segment with the spell felt like forever too. Keep it concise, uglies!
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  7. Disasterina really voiced what I felt; Victoria is visual perfection, Biqtch is a born entertainer and James has been the hardest worker. I honestly don't know...

    Lengthiness aside, that resurrection ritual was so good!
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  8. I really hope not.
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  9. Yeah I hope the lack of support for James rang loudly for the Boulets.
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  10. The Boulets LIVE for James but I hope they see that Biqtch is more of an all-rounder, as much as I love James' aesthetic.
  11. Watching this now. I’ve missed it!

    I had almost forgotten about the last extermination challenge. What a rush!
  12. As much as it was nice to see all the monsters again, the topics of 'debate' felt a bit run into the ground by this point. The highlights were Drac absolutely savaging everyone with her DGAF hosting/lines ("Who the fuck's this?") and the speech about community towards the end. I was pleasantly surprised to see hardly anyone pick James as their one to win too - she's been great this season but she's definitely my least favourite of the three.
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  13. They should have taken some of their own advice (that they gave to Disasterina) and self-edited.

    The sketches were too self-indulgent.
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  14. This fucking Monikkke monologue. Delete it, trash.
  15. Monikke was high as a fucking kite during that reunion and it was uncomfortable to watch.
  16. The way she kept rambling on and praising people was entirely out of character
  17. I love Abhora
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  18. Can we discuss Abhora's audition tape though? utterly terrifying.

    Where was that during the show?
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  19. This though. Y'all know I loved her, but that was an unholy creature of darkness in her audition tape.
    Goes to show how much a competition can alter your mindset.

    Also, I spat my tea watching Disasterina whipping herself.
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  20. She was re-enacting two different scenes from two Divine/John Waters movies. One of them is Pink Flamingos, in which Divine executes two people for committing the crime of 'assholism', but the quote Abhora uses is from Female Trouble. Divine shouts, "Who wants to die for art?" Then she shoots random members of the audience. Iconic stuff!

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