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Drake - Certified Lover Boy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Does the UK limit the amount of album tracks that can chart to three? Drake currently has three songs in the UK Singles Chart Top 5 ("Girls Want Girls," "Fair Trade" and "Champagne Poetry") and Certified Lover Boy is No. 1 on the Albums Chart.

    He currently has five songs in the ARIA Singles Chart Top 10 ("Girls Want Girls," "Fair Trade," "Champagne Poetry," "Way 2 Sexy," "Papi's Home") and an additional six songs in the Top 20 and Certified Lover Boy is No. 1 on the Albums Chart.

    And I guess that Certified Lover Boy will be a part of the next update of the Billboard Charts.
  2. Yep, only 3 songs from the album can chart. The rules changed after Ed Sheeran’s Divide took up the whole top 20 when it was released.
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  3. Three feels a bit restrictive, but considering he had eleven songs in the ARIA Top 20, I guess that that makes sense.

    It's unfortunate that that meant that the single that he is currently pushing, "Way 2 Sexy," missed out on charting.
  4. He's set to have 9 out of the Top 10 on the Hot 100.

    He also becomes the rapper with the most 500k+ album debuts with 7, beating Eminem's six, and tying Taylor for solo artists with 7 each.
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  5. Considering he had the biggest first day ever with Lover Boy, doesn't that mean he fell off over the week harder than Scorpion?

    Pop justice!
  6. What…..exactly is the point of having a separate album chart if the entire album can chart in the top 10 of the Hot 100? It’s so stupid and Billboard is so irrelevant at this point. Nothing matters anymore.
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm glad you brought this up because I was trying to think of an example of this happening pre-streaming and I can't. I know digital downloads were huge once upon a time but usually a big album release (say, Taylor), would maybe get one album track in the Top 10, at most.

    It's just strange because the two charts feel conflicted now. He's just broken the record for most Top 10 singles from an album, beating Rhythm Nation 1814, Thriller, Born In the USA, and his own Scorpion, and it was only because the album was released and the entire thing bombed the Hot 100 as opposed to individual singles being released and smashing.

    And disclaimer, I use Spotify all the time so I'm not part of the "streaming is bad!!!" crowd nn. This is definitely a Billboard issue to me rather than a streaming one.
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  8. The UK Charts did the right thing with allowing only three songs of the same artist to chart simultaneously.
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  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    This is absolutely a broken system as opposed to "Streaming is bad!!!"

    What's even crazier is yes the album did have an amazing sales week but like, nothing even approaching the greats.
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  10. Yes! I didn't want that post to read as anti-streaming, but the current chart rules are utterly archaic. Like, only singles and promo tracks should be allowed to chart during release week. If a track organically takes off then it should be allowed to chart, but these front loaded debuts erase any credibility Billboard tries to tout.
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  11. Are there any great bops off this, girls? I can't be arsed sifting through it all and/or don't want to add to his streams.
  12. Stream Nothing Really Matters by Madonna. Maybe we can get that to chart!
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  13. The Hot 100 measures the most popular songs of the week based on consumption. The formula needs to be tweaked, but I’ve yet to see a solid argument on why album tracks shouldn’t be allowed to crowd the charts when a popular album comes out.

    And the UK chart is an inaccurate mess so I refuse to concede that the 3 song rule is a good thing.
  14. Yeah I agree...if Drake's songs *are* the most popular songs of the past week then it seems a bit harsh to completely dismiss them, the way the UK chart does. It's kinda messy no matter how you tweak the rules, there's no perfect solution.

    It is annoying how it screws up some old chart records but that's par for the course when music listening habits have been evolving constantly for years - the records will change and evolve too.
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  15. I kind of understand needing some form of restriction, but three songs is very restrictive and completely inaccurate.
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  16. Doesn't this make the opposite argument - that the Billboard 200 has always been irrelevant and people buying a cd to never listen to more than 2 songs from it every now and then was never an accurate depiction of music consumption and in the past has too generously granted a sense of relevance to many acts who never were?

    I don't see why the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 should need to differ. For artificial variety? If Drake has both the most popular ten tracks in the country and the most popular album, why should that overlap negatively impact what's simply reality?

    For what purpose? So some random singles by artists can have a #46 peak instead of a #67 peak even if said song wasn't the 46th most consumed song that week? And this isn't shade to any artist ddd I'm really just pulling randoms. I just don't see what people feel we're missing out on that is worth sacrificing accuracy for by having the Hot 100 as it is?
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