Drake - For All the Dogs + General Discussion

I never sat through a whole album of his. I never thought I needed to. He has always been the epitome of a singles artist to me and right now even the singles aren't any good so, yeah.
I feel like I'm missing more layers here. I'm reading all sorts of lashings, but I can't fully enjoy them. It seems like more than just his shitty lyrics. Who is he beefing with and what is he whining about? And what's going on with his stomach sksk
I've never fully listened to Take Care, nor do I feel inclined to. I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out on some magnum opus. I'll live. He acts like a petulant entitled child when it comes to women he's dated at any point of his life, as if they're supposed to not move on without him. His grudges and gripes against Black women in particular are so disturbing, and they really have enabled an army of like-minded misogynists to treat women in their lives the same way.
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Streams are decreasing more than anticipated and he's no longer projected to occupy the entire top 10 on Billboard next week. Probably still 8 or 9 out of 10, but a win is a win!

Isn't he supposed to be stepping away from music? We don't need another rushed, half--baked, bald-faced attempt at securing another 1-week number 1.