Drake - For All the Dogs

So having listened to this a few times now...it's just all very bland and disappointing. With pretty much every Drake album, there's always a few songs I love, if even for production alone. But this time, there's really nothing I want to come back to, it's all very boring. I guess Race My Mind is pretty good. He definitely needs to do something different going forward.
After watching Surviving R Kelly second season, it reminded how much of a monster that man was and for this man to still use that sample for that song (which I’ve never heard but just seen headlines about) = GROSS.

AUBREY, you are a TOXIC trick. Maybe you’ll be exposed soon too that’s why you support a predator. Thank heavens, I never listened to this.
Oh. Interesting. Drake is one of the best rappers of our generation (probably ever) but his actual output so rarely lives up to his skill. The production is too often bland and unimaginative and he leans on the most basic tropes over and over. I'd be here for him switching it up finally. It could a disaster, but it could also be really great.