Drake - For All the Dogs

Not Jake Quickenden blocking him on iToonz. It's happening! He's OVER!

The couple of tracks he released without much ceremony over the last couple of months ("War", "When To Say When," "Chicago Freestyle") were promising and I was (quite stupidly, let's admit it) excited to see what has was going to do next, especially since he promised a "more concise" album. He did less than the bare minimum on this one. It's embarrassing actually. Long gone are the days of Take Care and Nothing Was The Same...
I feel like he does this every time around dddd. He releases a few songs that sound promising and then the album is an 80 track, incoherent mess.

Her cares more about making money than being an artist and it's a shame because he has talent. Take Care did a great job showcasing that. Everything since Views has been a disaster.

Combine that with the fact that he's a creepy weirdo, we can live him in the '10s.
The track is embarrassing trash and one step away from him doing the fucking Macarena – but the video feels utterly tone deaf. A year or so ago it might've been a cute li'l aspirational roam around his new crib but at a time when most of the world is cooped up in their bedrooms eating toast and struggling to pay the rent it feels like a dick move.

The difference between this and Macarena though, is that the latter is a stone cold 10/10 bop.
Take Care - Nothing Was The Same - If You're Reading This It's Too Late was an excellent sequence of albums. Views would have been cute cut down to 8-10 tracks max and I actually enjoy a decent portion of More Life even though that's when he really leaned hard into the clownery. He's just been obnoxious and artistically boring since then.
Literal trash. I guess when you know that you can score hits with literally zero effort, there's no need to put any real effort in. But it's a true shame to see someone as talented as he is let his music descend into... whatever the fuck this is. Thank Me Later and Take Care, I'm so sorry sweeties.
This is one of the most morbid musical releases in history.

Drake, the self-proclaimed king of Toronto, frolicking around his glass-protected trophies in his mega-mansion amid a global pandemic as the entire world faces joblessness, restriction, and illness.

Maybe the ski-mask represents the untouchable status and privilege he possesses. How completely unaffected the upper classes are, even by a catastrophe that stops the entire world from operating as usual.

Or maybe it represents Drake's own extraction from the artist he once was: the lovable, sensitive young man who's genre fusing and heart-on-his-sleeve emotions would galvanize millions of fans, now replaced with a directionless and fumbling man reaching his mid-30s, realizing how the veil hath fallen. Isolated too, but surrounded by beautiful, expensive things - so many of them accolades and products of his past.

The shoehorned Tik Tok virality-baiting. Dance instructions are delivered with the enthusiasm of somebody reading the phonebook. He doesn't have to try, he knows that you'll make the content anyways. What else do you have to do with your miserable little lives right now?

Michael Jackson - a fellow music superstar. A Disco icon with jovial hits that have filled dance-floors for generations. Now a far more complicated figure to most. What music we enjoy of his is always undercut with grim and unsettling darkness. At least we can think back on the memories of his music, and the simpler times it reflects. Maybe the Toosie Slide knows there isn't anything to dance for now - and that's why it drags it's feet as if marching towards the grave, one retweet at a time.

It's almost a brilliant piece of performance art, but... you know it's not. It's one of the most artistically bereft musical icons continuing to run himself in smaller and smaller circles, any sense of moralism or humanity shedding away more with every step. Right foot step. Left foot step. Slide.

This 1000x this. This is what should be on the front of pop justice.