Drake - For All the Dogs

Both great tracks, honestly. Though it's becoming very clear that Drake is becoming content with just following trends now instead of previously alternating between setting them and improving on them. They both sound very much like a blend of Travis Scott and The Weeknd. The jocking of the latter's style is especially apparent in Greece. Inspiring both G-Eazy and Drake's latest releases, guess Abel's really that main pop boy right now.
Did he rhyme Kevin Costner with lobster? Ouch. Drake has become one of the worst rappers around. Inspiration zero. He really needs better ghost-writers!
Neither of these are performing like typical big Drake singles with massive leads on streaming. To be clear, before I shit on him a bit, the songs are still performing exceptionally well. Duh. But they're already down to #4 (POPSTAR) and #14 (GREECE) on US Spotify, whereas his singles usually have no problem sitting at #1 for weeks. POPSTAR spent two days at #1.

I figured POPSTAR would be following God's Plan/Nice For What/Toosie Slide to debut at #1 on Billboard, but that won't be the case. They're still at are #1 & #2 on Apple Music, though.
It’s a bit basic, but not as reductive as Toosie Slide. A bop though, mainly cause I’m a sucker for those trumpets in the production.
Don’t really have an opinion on the song but he looks hot in the video