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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. He really has one of the most annoying, monotone voices ever recorded. It gets a bit better when he tries to sing instead of rapping but eh.
  2. I hadn't listened to a Drake album since Take Care, so not sure what I was expecting, but whew, the way this just leaves no impression whatsoever. A Keeper and Massive are nice I guess.
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  3. So far I’m bopping, I’m liking the change of pace and the dance production.
  4. Forever 21 is trending because people are calling it H&M, Abercommbie & Fitch background music fffff
  5. I really like the production on these songs I just wish it was....literally anyone else singing over them ddddddddd
  6. Gagged not Ms Drake If You Nasty releasing the Oontz Oontz bops for the gals

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  7. I like the production, I think he’s just such a bad fit for this sound? The sounds and textures here aren’t as monotonous or awful as some people are claiming
  8. Where are the hooks? Where are they?
    It just sounds like he’s reading off a shopping list.
  9. Oh yeah the production is great. I think he should have stuck to rapping instead of singing over the majority of the album. It’s a cute interlude before we get Beyoncé next month.
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  10. He really said “let me give you the Passionfruit album y’all wanted but remove everything that made Passionfruit good”.

    I will say…an album with this production with not a hook to be found is certainly a concept!
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  11. I’m living for the DJ-Jersey Shore continuous set mix til 3AM vibe it has going on. It feels like his most carefree, no fucks record. I can sense the mileage from afar for me.
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  12. This will be a huge flop for him since it's exactly what his fanbase is NOT looking for, but honestly I'll bop softly to it until Beyoncé comes to save us.
  13. Honestly though, I don't get why his fanbase is so against this? He's not exactly the rapper I'd go to when I'm looking for hard hitting bars. They aren't stanning Run The Jewels dddd
  14. Because house music is "gay music" (see Azealia getting asked if she makes music for gay people in her HOT97 interview), so they don't want to be associated with that. The Weeknd got the same reaction with Dawn FM. This record isn't even that far out of Aubrey's box either, so the reaction is especially strange in this case.
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  15. This is so so so good.

    What is happening?
  16. The album starts off pretty limp, picks up nicely around Sticky and Massive, then tampers back down to a weak simmer. I can see it working better as background music, which is kind of a lane he's occupied for a few years now.
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  17. I like it, the production is the best part. Now can we talk how hard this would slap having Jorja Smith vocals?.
  18. I think everyone is just bandwagonning the hate at this point after a few, initial viral tweets caught on. It's not like he hasn't released Too Good before this dddd

    But, that is indeed probably a big reason because there wasn't even half as much backlash for something as abominable as Toosie Slide.
  19. I hope he stands by this body of work and trolls people even more by dancing and serving Vogue in the Massive music video.
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  20. I haven’t liked a Drake album since Take Care, but you know what?
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