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  1. First half of the album is incredibly weak. Should have gone back to the drawing board (Falling Back is a terrible repetitive mess). Second half is much better and worth repeat listening (Sticky, Massive, Flight's Booked, and Overdrive).
  2. 100% - a lot of filler on this album and it's weaker than his last, which wasn't particularly great.

    About 5 tracks that are decent, the rest very disposable.
  3. It’s got some filler but this is the most enjoyment I’ve gotten out of a Drake project in a very long time. His stans being mad at it acting like he hasn’t spent the last decade dropping half-baked, bloated projects is a kii. This one’s for the girls and the gays.
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  4. Honestly, even I (a flaming cig) was thinking "why is Drake making gay music?" when I started to play the album.
    This album leans more into a queerer soundscape vs his latest offerings with the soft Jamie XX beats and virtually no rap (and sounds more "feminine" than everything else being produced by big rappers at the moment).
    Let's be clear: this is 0% queer, but I think people reject when he taps into his emo boy persona for an entire album.
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  5. I can't wait till Fantano drags him to hell with the review.
  6. For a "dance" album, it's not fun enough. Maybe I just wish someone less monotone was singing these songs.
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  7. It’s giving

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  8. This album being so supposedly gay-sounding makes me 100% interested. I will definitely check it out now.
  9. I… actually love Drake’s tone. He’s not a good singer, but it makes songs catchy and “reachable”.

  10. I’m here, I’m Queer and this is my new fave album of his. I’ve also just landed in Portugal and it lends itself fabulously to Sun and Swimwear,
  11. It's funny to me how some people are acting like he released his Future Nostalgia (or even his Dawn FM), when, to me at least, the majority of this album is definitely less "bops and bangers for the gays" and more "mildly pleasant background music you can absentmindedly tap your foot to".
  12. The way I haven't been remotely interested in checking out a Drake project since like 2011 and as soon as an album is described as "gay sounding" I'm interested fff
  13. I hear a lot of potential in these tracks. I love the continuous mix and the soundscape is great, the album picks up around the mid section but dies off again by the end. On paper, an album of this style by Drake is extremely appealing and it's about time he tried something new but as most of you have stated.. it's just really boring. Great background noise, beautiful background noise but the lack of hooks really sticks out. I've always had a love/hate relationship with his overly melodyne'd vocals but I think the issue here is that there's too much sub-par singing, it's all very one note. If he wanted something more vocal heavy, he should have brought in some guest vocalists to break it up a bit.

    Massive goes off though and seems to be the song that Tik Tok is latching on to. The "BBL Drake" memes returning is a scream too.
  14. Oh, yeah, it’s great background music. That’s not a diss either, since his recent projects haven’t even managed that because they totally kill the vibe and aren’t even enjoyable enough to set a mood. This pairs well with More Life, I think.

  15. Ladies, listen to the best album of the week and top 5 best of the year.
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  16. A noticeable dip from Certified Lover Boy’s 613K opening week:

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