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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Massive is well.. massive!
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  2. I know he’s probably responding to his fans specifically who seemingly wanted a hip-hop record, but the idea that making a 90s house album is this new concept that people will eventually catch onto in several years is so funny when we’ve been in the midst of its resurgence in the mainstream since 2014 at least.
  3. That Christina gif on the previous page seems more apt than ever.
  4. Well, I had no idea still associate house as “gay music”, teebs. Didn’t Bieber literally win the straights with a tropical house reinvention?
  5. Yeah, but Tropical house is a byproduct of the late 2010s EDM era, which is not the same as, like, 90s house music, which is heavily associated with queer black culture.
  6. I've really tried to get into this but I honestly think it's a terribly boring, uninspired album. Some fun production in spots, but even that doesn't push it as far as I'd like (aside from on one or two songs, like Massive). The whole thing feels like this weird, lazy middle-ground between trying something new but not being fully willing to commit. There are zero hooks, and the lyrical content isn't any different than his other records.
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  7. These things are worlds apart.
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  8. I'm perplexed by people calling this dance music just because it has a mildly uptempo BPM. It's more like lounge music.
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  9. It's not like he's reinvented the wheel in any way, shape or form when Azealia's been doing this for 10+ years. Not to mention all of the other girlies prior to her!

  10. Went to a new club this weekend and some guy introduced himself by hyping this album as “deep house for the girls” so I was intrigued.

    I gave Massive a listen this morning and it’s giving… green smoothie with no flavor.
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  11. Fuck, never mind "1991" when this is RIGHT THERE!

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  12. I don't think people have a problem with Drake delving into house. They have a problem with him doing it in the most lacklustre, uninspired, laziest way possible.
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  13. Separated from it being played everywhere at the time, I’ve decided God’s Plan is my favorite lead single from him. Marvin’s Room exists, yes, but I can’t make the former not bop.
  14. I've had this album on repeat all week. It does serve as great background music, but there's also bops.
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  15. That top10 is horrendous fff America watcha doing.
  16. Maybe I will give this album another stream.
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  17. I tried so hard to get a ticket for that show and I'm so upset that I missed it. So much early 2000s Canadian greatness was on one stage. I got a video from my friend of them doing I'm Like a Bird last night and was livid ddd.
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