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  1. This is so cute, you can also tell he’s genuinely living a dream.

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  2. I know I’m so basic even saying this out loud. But god I’m finding him so sexy right now.
  3. Sticky music video:

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  4. The hook is nice, but what is it with these songs being less than 3 minutes
  5. He hung out with Avril and Fefe
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  6. Ok but give me that Avril x Fefe collab now!!
  8. His set at the Young Money reunion was so weird, I don't even know how else to describe it. Wayne and Nicki did wall-to-wall hits and had the crowd going absolutely wild... and then Drake came out and did virtually all newer songs/features. I've seen him several times and he usually has Toronto crowds wrapped around his finger, but it was honestly a buzzkill following Nicki.

    Particularly around the middle of his set, you could feel him losing the crowd. He played basically double the time of Nicki's set, which was annoying considering she was actually playing to the audience and he was doing... well, this was his setlist...

    Yebba's Heartbreak
    Jimmy Cooks
    What's Next
    Over the Top (Smiley cover)
    I'm on One
    Laugh Now Cry Later
    A Keeper
    Calling My Name/Marvins Room
    P Power
    Girls Want Girls
    Wait for U
    Way 2 Sexy
    Knife Talk

    Even the Toronto Star review, which was largely glowing, pointed out his solo set as the low point.

    Drizzy’s set, which relied mostly on his – in the humble opinion of this reviewer — lacklustre recent output, felt a little flat; especially coming on the heels of Nicki and Wayne. At one point, he acknowledged criticism his most recent album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” sounds a bit like “Zara music,” before performing an awkward, slowed down medley of “Calling My Name” and “Marvin’s Room.”

    He really came alive when they were all together doing stuff like Up All Night, Moment for Life, Bedrock, and HYFR, which made it even more disappointing that he didn't do more of his early bangers in his own set.
  9. For a discography with so many bops, that setlist is certainly a snoozefest dddd I actually like about half of those, but I wouldn’t go to a Drake concert looking for them.
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  10. Yeah, and like @VicePresidentJocasta said, a reunion concert meant to celebrate his legacy over the last 15 years should’ve had a set list that felt like a Greatest Hits compilation or playlist. He just seems very creatively lost/confused at the moment.
  11. What a random setlist. I understand not wanting to perform any collaborations during his solo set, but Drake has so many solo hits that feel like glaring omissions, like "In My Feelings," "Nice For What" and "Passionfruit"—and these are just the hits that I think that would fit his "house" era.
  12. A Drake setlist without One Dance is homophobic.
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  13. Also, does he not like his own classic? Still hear this out a lot and it still gets everyone bopping every time.

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  14. ^Not as a lead though.
  15. The best taste Drake has exhibited in years.
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