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Drake - More Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bobbyrae, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. New project/mixtape coming this December.

    He doesn't let up!
  2. I like Drake, but his exposure level is becoming overkill. Slow down..
  3. Ready for this! Gutted I couldn't snatch tickets to the tour but excited to hear this. I hope it's darker than Views though. Views felt very much like Drake was approaching the end of something; lots of references to accepting the ending of a relationship and not having much time left and trying to make the most of something while also reflecting on where things went wrong.

    Hopefully this explores the aftermath of that more. More Keep The Family Close and U With Me? vibes please.
  4. He can keep it. It will be another disappointing mess.
  5. Views was a big letdown for me. I don't use anything from it at all anymore. I hope this offers some more interesting verses and beats.
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  6. He needs to slow down a bit & focus on quality control.
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  7. Well. Going to go against the grain here and say that I'm perched for this.

    I like that Drake releases stuff as he goes.
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  8. Honestly, he's striking while the iron only continues to get hotter. I don't blame him.
  9. Fake Love to Rihanna, boo.
  10. Let me guess he wrote all of this the night Rihanna dumped him?? KEEP IT.

    I think i'm officially over him. I want quality not quantity.
  11. The real hilarity will be when many are waiting for a collection of Too Goods and One Dances and it sounds more like If You're Reading This Then It's Too Late.
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  12. That's kind of what happened pre-Views though. If You're Reading This, What a Time and all the buzz/beef singles fed into the hype for Views and then he dropped off a steaming pile with about 5 good songs on it
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  13. Another 25 song project with 3 1/2 worth listening to. Can't wait!
  14. The drakey.
  15. So it's not an album nor a mixtape but a "playlist".

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  16. Both are good on a first listen. I prefer Sneakin', but Fake Love sounds more commercial. Number 1 next week?
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  17. Well, I prefer his mixtapes to Views. If You're Reading This was marvelous and What A Time was brilliant. So I anticipate a project which will possibly be in their vein.
  18. RJF


    Eh. I'm not going to grudge more material from a largely brilliant artist. I can actually see us moving into a time where major artists actually return to the insane creative cycles of the 70s, launching albums every nine months and touring a batch of new albums as opposed to just one.
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