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Drake - Our Loss

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. New song out Thursday (2/4): https://www.billboard.com/articles/...64/drake-new-single-toosie-slide-release-date


    His new album is reportedly coming soon:

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  2. Oh god. Another 6 months of Drake songs never leaving the top 10.
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  3. The song sounds incredibly boring from the clips. I can't at him talking about making important songs and bringing up Biggie... and then dropping a lead single that was built for 12-year-old tik tok girls to bop to in quarantine.
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  4. Drake comming to effortlessly dominate the charts with a mediocre song yet again? I'm shook

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  5. Tusa remains unbothered.
  6. R27


    The fact that a shorter Drake album could still consist of 16 songs. Imagine how tired we are. I’m sure he’ll also drop a deluxe version with a bunch more songs in its second week à la Lil Uzi.
  7. I'll probably make an EP out of this and run. He's more miss than hit, but when he hits... Whew.

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  8. I used to count on Drake for a solid album, but now I just count on him from two or three bops per release. He's the definition of diminishing returns. The refusal to grow...
  9. Up until Views I was actively excited for a Drake release. Now I literally dread them.
  10. RJF


  11. The fact that, at his best, he's capable of complete brilliance (the majority of his early career, the entirety of Take Care, maybe between a quarter to a half of each album since) but it's gotten to a point when I actively dread his next release.
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  12. I groaned when I saw this thread.
  13. April fools?!
  14. The Drake song is a sorta genetically-engineered song especially for Tok Tok.
    The song is like instructions to do the choreography in TikTok, and it is even named after some TikTok influencer or something.

    The song is out there so anyone can hear it... I don't think it sounds as commercial as In My Feelings or Nice for What, but sure it's gonna be #1 for the next 10 weeks if it's like TikTok endorsed from the start.

    The chorus part is on YT together with the dance, it's literally instructions on how to do the TikTok dance, left foot up, right foot slide etc

  15. Go raise little orphan Annie you demon!!!!!!!
  16. He's making songs for infants, he said fuck the Wiggles!
  17. Oh, so this is the shit song Tinashe and her brothers were dancing to on her Instagram.
  18. Lock him up!!!
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  19. Same. He should just take his fortune and retire and stop torturing us.

    Rose McGowan imagine how tired we are.gif
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