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Drake - Our Loss

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. That's bait for TikTok, only way he can get a #1 song again.
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  2. The line is corny, but he literally already had a No. 1 single this year. It's not like he's flopping and in dire need of a hit.
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  3. Yeah, I've been burned too many times before. There's zero quality control; it's like he just throws out everything he's recorded.

    Listening to new music should be a pleasure, not a task.
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  4. Charlotte Day Wilson on Fair Trade is perfect.
    I'm enjoying this way more than I expected too, but it's still too damn long.
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  5. Amazed anyone can take him seriously after Toosie Slide and now his cover of Right Said Fred.
  6. I sampled six or seven tracks from this (can't be sure, it felt like a lifetime) and it's some of the tiredest, drabbest, most flavourless trap I've heard in a while. I thought the sound of the mainstream had moved on from this. Even Donda has more going for it.
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  7. Let out a big sigh when seeing how long the tracklist is. My worst nightmare for this release coming true, I fear.
  8. Donda, regardless of all the Kanye mess, is by far the more ambitious, capable and ultimately better album.
  9. There are some good tracks here, and Drake still has smooth flow and funny bars, so it's all listenable... but it's way too long and the production really let's him down. Half these tracks could come from any of his last 2 or 3 albums. It all sounds and feels exactly the same. Plus, I'm sad that nothing lives up to Seeing Green. That had me really excited about what all of the YMCMB crew had in store. Wayne eats him up on You Only Live Twice, though.
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  10. Girls Want Girls is a hit waiting to happen !
  11. I hope not!

    Drake needs to leave lesbians and bi women the fuck alone...sicko. And that goes to every rapper or any straight male artist. Stop writing lyrics about us and your weird fantasies. I'm so tired of hearing it.
  12. I’ll have a more comprehensive review on subsequent listens, but it feels like… a watered down version of the best of Take Care and Scorpion.
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  13. I just looked up the lyrics to Girls Like Girls and I'm...flabbergasted that this got released in 2021.
  14. I'm only on Love All and just... nothing has clicked with me yet. Usually, there's at least a couple songs on each of his albums that I like/can bop too and this is just boring. Not looking forward to the rest of it.
  15. I’d actually say the second half starting with the Future feature is when the album picks up steam, but his lyrics feel rather shallow all throughout. It’s really only on Champagne Poetry and The Remorse, where I felt like I got something below surface level, the surface being a persona that seems fixated on being relatable to College kids.
  16. Easily his worst album. His diminishing returns approach has really disappointed me. He’s capable of far better. I expected a return to form which I’m now starting to doubt can ever be achieved.
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  17. I guess that "Way 2 Sexy" is the lead single:

  18. Yeah, it definitely got better but there still hasn't been a song that grabs me and screams, this is gonna be all over the radio for months. There's a few more that I've liked but it's just not what I was expecting, especially after the extended wait for it.
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  19. It's a bit of a slog I still need to finish the last third of it but I guess I don't hate anything. I think the first track is the only thing that stuck with me.
  20. Fountains has me whining up my waist . A whole bop !
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