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Drake - Our Loss

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. There are some bangers but on the whole it's just fine ? Much prefer Donda.
  2. R27


    After hearing he sampled an R. Kelly song I wish him 0 ounces of luck.
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  3. He just seems artistically out of fuel and referenced as such on Champagne Poetry. He says something along the lines of waiting for something or someone to really inspire him, which I think he tried to package as him being a hopeless romantic, but it just seems to make sense in the context of this album being a bit dull. I may bop to Way 2 Sexy during a workout, but it’s too much of a meme song for me to take it too seriously. Even the video seems engineered to create viral moments, but it doesn’t feel as fun as Hotline Bling.

    Some other thoughts:
    - The first half is such a slog to get through.
    - I expected so much more from the Jay-Z collaboration.
    - I may also get into No Friends in the Industry, but it feels like a poor man’s Headlines.
    - Other tracks I can like are 7am On Bridle Path, Race My Mind, You Only Live Twice, Fucking Fans. I’m a bit partial to R&B/Dancehall Drake, but I actually prefer the more rap-heavy ones here.
  4. Bare in mind he broke the record cos the album has 21 songs... Olivia's album for instance had 11 songs...
    Anyway the album has had a massive drop today so it was mostly curiosity streams.
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  5. This is a bit nonsense given that he beat his last album's record despite Scorpion having more tracks than this, and that he smashed Olivia's streaming figures by individual songs as well.

    You can still dislike Drake and think he's creatively spent without trying to weirdly deny he's the biggest artist in music this decade. He's still 21 out of the Top 24 on Spotify and maintains the Top 21 slots on Apple Music.
  6. I think Fair Trade is probably my favourite track on the album - it has a really dark, introspective vibe to it that I like and the synths are great too.

    One of those tracks that comes alive late at night.
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  7. Wow a competition!

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  8. Those are insane numbers, isn’t that his highest debut so far? What made this album so anticipated?
  9. Scorpion debuted with 732k and Views was 852k.
  10. Well, he’s always been a huge artist on streaming and his last album was out 3 years ago.
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  11. Well the delays and feud with Kanye certainly helped.
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  12. Sadly those massive numbers are only going to encourage his streak of lazy mediocrity going forward.
  13. Was there even a Kanye diss on the album? I didn't notice dddd
  14. Drake references Kanye leaking his address on Instagram on "7AM On Bridle Path" with the lyric: "Give that address to your driver, make it your destination instead of just a post out of desperation."
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  15. That's a very generous score.
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  16. Does the UK limit the amount of album tracks that can chart to three? Drake currently has three songs in the UK Singles Chart Top 5 ("Girls Want Girls," "Fair Trade" and "Champagne Poetry") and Certified Lover Boy is No. 1 on the Albums Chart.

    He currently has five songs in the ARIA Singles Chart Top 10 ("Girls Want Girls," "Fair Trade," "Champagne Poetry," "Way 2 Sexy," "Papi's Home") and an additional six songs in the Top 20 and Certified Lover Boy is No. 1 on the Albums Chart.

    And I guess that Certified Lover Boy will be a part of the next update of the Billboard Charts.
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