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Drake - Our Loss

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Album is apparently 14 tracks long and 21 Savage is the only collaboration.
  2. I’ve been on a Drake kick recently and it’s really more flattering for him to just view him in the lens as a popstar than a rapper and in that respect, he always delivers at least a couple of bops per era.

    His albums after Nothing Was The Same are mixed bags, but I won’t pretend Passionfruit, One Dance and God’s Plan aren’t absolutely era-defining. I didn’t find anything worth coming back to his last album, though.
  3. Tracklist:

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  4. Black Coffee as a producer? Okay, maybe he might serve something different after all
  5. You were probably already aware, but they worked together 5 years ago.

  6. He’s always been prolific, but coming so soon again after Certified Lover Boy makes me think he’s eager to prove something (ie that he hasn’t lost it), but let’s see what he’s got.
  7. On one of his best projects? Work. I’m ready!
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  8. Everyone asking for someone else to rip it but they can't because nobody uses Tidal dd
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  9. And weirdly not coming up on Spotify yet?

    Post in if anyone sees it.
  10. Took ages to load the page, but it's here. Listed as "Dance" on Apple Music as well

  11. This singing…..
  12. Wait...I hear something.
  13. Keeper is kinda giving though.

    Sticks on my dawgs dolls, and I can't even lie to you
    Got too much pride for you
    Gotta stay safe in these streets
    Streets don't play favorites, though
    I'm not afraid of it though
    God is okay with me, so
    Life of that shade that you throw
    I've seen you take it low
    Limbo right under that ho

    I found a new muse
    That's bad news for you

    Once is a lot of things
    Twice is a decision
    Told me a lot of things
    Forced into submission

    Friendship and loyalty, that's not what it's giving

  14. Wait...this continuous mix...this is something fun something for the summertime
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  15. This is lowkey the album I wanted him to make since “Hotline Bling”. Was it so hard to throw all those poolside bops together, Aubrey? It shouldn’t have taken this long to get here dd
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  16. Why can I picture the girls voguing to Currents

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  17. The way I immediately pressed rewind after I heard this
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  18. Why does anyone who is not a heterosexual male listen to his "music" outside of some kind of self-flagellation? It's just awful.

    Irritating shit noise.
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