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Drake - Our Loss

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Hello???????? What's the meaning of this. I'm gagging
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  2. All the straight men are dragging him while the gays are living for it I'm lkfdgjnbdfjkgsl

    I'm at A Keeper and it's shockingly great so far. His best album in years?
  3. Oh, this is nice. As what’s said above, Keeper is a highlight so far. It’s not really exploring new sonic ground for him, but it’s very a mix of Marvin’s Room and Get It Together, two of his best.
  4. It actually gets better as it goes on. I have no problem admitting to being easy to win over with a good beat dd. He’s snapping on “Tie That Binds”
  5. Nah this is still bad lol
  6. This sounds dry and late to me. I was excited by the thought of a dance-infused Drake album, but this is just pretty boring across the board. I'm sure it will do well, though. I did like Currents and Sticky. Can't believe his team is pushing Falling Back out of everything here - awful way to start the album.
  7. I actually see this performing similarly to Dawn FM? I don’t think this is the soundscape his fanbase wanted him to explore on basically an entire album. The 21 Savage song sounds so out of place too.
  8. I’d remove a few songs (“Falling Back” being one of them), but I haven’t actively enjoyed a Drake album like this since… Take Care? Obviously there were singles here and there after that and More Life was pretty good, but yeah. Definitely enjoyable for me for the time being. This sound isn’t necessarily new for him, but it’s nice to finally have a project centered around it. Also him closing with the sole hip-hop track was a kii.
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  9. I am taking Texts Go Green, Currents, Calling My Name, Sticky and Massive and moving on. The rest are all a bit too dry for me.
  10. “Massive” and “Flight’s Booked” back to back

  11. A Keeper and Massive sounds like hits to me .
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  12. This is basically More Life with fewer hooks.
  13. At least it doesn't have silly samples all Right Said Fred.
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  14. The soundscape is softer and occasionally boppy, but the hooks aren't there and the lyrics are still shit. To suggest this is comparable at all to Marvin's Room or Take Care? Nope. He simply doesn't have the range as an artiste anymore to make music that sophisticated.

    At least Massive has a nice piano house beat I guess.
  15. The production is good on the album. Just a shame it’s ruined by his vocals.
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  17. It's very bland to me. I don't really enjoy hearing his monotonous vocals over much more...lively production.
  18. I know this is basically just something cute for the gals to stream over summer but I'm gagged at how few hooks there are on this. The good sis Aubrey really gave us a dance adjacent album but there's... absolutely nothing to grab onto.
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  19. My favourite work of his in a long time. I'm enjoying it.
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