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Drake - Scorpion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Jan 20, 2018.

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  2. I was just telling my friend I could go for about 2 more years without his presence.

    But if the music's good, I'll deal.
  3. Aubrey, sis - do you sleep?
  4. Diplomatic Immunity is great. God's Plan is fairly typical recent Drake.
  5. it's OVO SZN already? let me freshen up a bit and get ready for Aubrey.
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  6. Y'all: How can you not be tired of Drake making the same basic bops??
    Drake: She say "do you love me?", I tell her only partly, I only love my bed and my mom, I’m sorry
    Me: [​IMG]
  7. Loved Diplomatic Immunity's references to Detroit. Happy Birthday to me, I guess.
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  8. God's Plan was more immediate for me, but I think I paid attention to Diplomatic more? It's nothing outstanding but he really benefits when this stuff is in smaller bursts.
  9. Anything is better than Signs, so cute I'll take these.
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  10. I really love Diplomatic Immunity. I imagine God's Plan will be sent to radio, though. It's currently at #8 on iTunes... Diplomatic Immunity is at #100. I'm sure both will do well on streaming.
  11. I can't believe this man scores hit after hit with close to zero promo. I wish the success of most Big Pop Girls was like this.
  12. They're both a bit... boring.
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  13. 'God's Plan' is a complete bop (even if it sounds like an album's worth of tracks he's done just like it).
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  14. Dude raps about the same shit every year, get some new material.
  15. I low key wanna know what “choreography” was this performance for? I JUST CAN’T.

    The new Drake songs sound like B Sides and they’re no Summer Sixteen level of amazingness.
  16. That noisy synth in God’s Plan is so good, then the beat dropping out... I love the production.

    I’m surprised at the love for Diplomatic Immunity. His bars get lost in some free association tedium sometime after meditating to heavy metal and the treaty or Versailles.
  17. Spotify:
    God's Plan - 2,487,513 (#1)
    Diplomatic Immunity - 1,418,686 (#2)

    God's Plan - 4,081,753 (#2)
    Diplomatic Immunity - 2,256,322 (#14)

    God's Plan - 387,531 (#3)
    Diplomatic Immunity - 225,527 (#17)

    God's Plan - 359,793 (#1)
    Diplomatic Immunity - 212,826 (#2)
  18. It was inevitable: God's Plan is #1 on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music in the US. I imagine it will be sent to radio shortly and become inescapable.
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