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Drake - Scorpion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. This is seriously his best single in a long ass time. I don't remember the last time I was so obsessed with a Drake song.
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  2. Everyone in the video looked amazing. The cameos were perfect.
  3. The song sounds like one of those remixes that radio stations play late at night on like a Friday or Saturday dd. But I bop.

    Absolute scream at Bria Vinaite and Syd in the video. Talent!
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  4. Early Kanye Ts.

  5. Came here to say that. This is straight off of Late Registration.

    I don't like it coming from Drake though, I feel like he's been putting out incomplete ideas to entirely too much fanfare for the past 3 years but who can blame him.
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  6. I love everything about this.
  7. This is amazing.
  8. me bopping cuz its the best thing hes released in forever while keeping in mind it'll probably block ariana from #1

  9. Unless Ari's lead single has a Drake feature. Streaming services found dead
  10. Wait Ariana released something?
  11. Rumor is it's coming on the 27th I believe.
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  12. Imagine this song had an original Lauryn feature towards the end? Or even had her in the video at some point. Whew.
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  13. Much better than God’s Plan.
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  14. My faggot ass arched my back as soon as he started rapping. I love this song
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  15. Doesn’t take much.
  16. I have to say I could do without whatever that mess that's happening in the middle of the song is. It kinda takes me of out it. Great track apart from that though.
  17. I love him for putting Big Freedia on the track.
  18. You all are doing too much on God's Plan. It bops.
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  19. That bounce breakdown is my favorite part of the track, it completes the whole package.
  20. Maybe I would hate it less if whatever it is that he sampled wasn't in such potato quality.
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