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Drake - Toosie Slide & new album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Same here. I love Drake but man, let us have a break from you for a while. No features either. Give us a chance to actually miss you.

    If he kept reinventing the wheel and doing excellent material like his earlier stuff then I wouldn't have an issue.

    I'll keep my expectations low and hope he'll actually deliver something great & different that won't be lazy, generic, moody TikTok crap. Give us a fun bop.
  2. R27


    Comparing yourself to Michael Jackson (even if it’s just your dance moves) in 2020 is a choice. However, he was probably just looking for something easy to rhythm satisfaction with.

  3. Shameless tiktok meme.
  4. A Michael Jackson shoutout...drawn out painfully? Really sis?
  5. Drake is a businessman as just much as he's a rapper so of course he reverse engineered a hit to cater to the TikTok crowd and dropped it during quarantine so everyone and their mom could practice the dance. This might be the first Drake hit that doesn't sound good enough to justify its cynicism lol.
  6. It's also like the opposite of evolving was an artist, a 33-yer old, 15 yers in the music industry and now releasing songs aimed at 12 year olds. Sad to see.
  7. My favourite part was the empty streets in the beginning because I quite recently puked outside of one of the shops they show <3
  8. This is one of the most morbid musical releases in history.

    Drake, the self-proclaimed king of Toronto, frolicking around his glass-protected trophies in his mega-mansion amid a global pandemic as the entire world faces joblessness, restriction, and illness.

    Maybe the ski-mask represents the untouchable status and privilege he possesses. How completely unaffected the upper classes are, even by a catastrophe that stops the entire world from operating as usual.

    Or maybe it represents Drake's own extraction from the artist he once was: the lovable, sensitive young man who's genre fusing and heart-on-his-sleeve emotions would galvanize millions of fans, now replaced with a directionless and fumbling man reaching his mid-30s, realizing how the veil hath fallen. Isolated too, but surrounded by beautiful, expensive things - so many of them accolades and products of his past.

    The shoehorned Tik Tok virality-baiting. Dance instructions are delivered with the enthusiasm of somebody reading the phonebook. He doesn't have to try, he knows that you'll make the content anyways. What else do you have to do with your miserable little lives right now?

    Michael Jackson - a fellow music superstar. A Disco icon with jovial hits that have filled dance-floors for generations. Now a far more complicated figure to most. What music we enjoy of his is always undercut with grim and unsettling darkness. At least we can think back on the memories of his music, and the simpler times it reflects. Maybe the Toosie Slide knows there isn't anything to dance for now - and that's why it drags it's feet as if marching towards the grave, one retweet at a time.

    It's almost a brilliant piece of performance art, but... you know it's not. It's one of the most artistically bereft musical icons continuing to run himself in smaller and smaller circles, any sense of moralism or humanity shedding away more with every step. Right foot step. Left foot step. Slide.
  9. Pictured this whole thing being written like

  10. Thank you.
  11. The thought of anyone making songs with the sole aim of them being big on Tik Tok makes me feel queasy, let alone the person who gave us Take Care and Nothing Was The Same. I can’t wait for him to retire.
  12. The whiplash I get when I remember that, when they're not flirting with death or writing like Cher on Twitter, @strangekin is one of the most articulate members here. I stan.
  13. It’s taken me nearly 10 years, but I’m starting to realize Drake is probably better at singles than full length projects these days. For all his talk of being able to tackle all these genres, he’s not really done anything exciting with that, has he? And even the singles are starting to blend together.
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  14. The track is embarrassing trash and one step away from him doing the fucking Macarena – but the video feels utterly tone deaf. A year or so ago it might've been a cute li'l aspirational roam around his new crib but at a time when most of the world is cooped up in their bedrooms eating toast and struggling to pay the rent it feels like a dick move.
  15. He should have honoured Janet.
    Anyway, this is shit.
  16. One can argue that the identity that he posited to be his own during Take Care was just as performative, constructed, and contrived as the shit that he puts out now, but that he needed that supposed emotional relatability to reign in all the streaming folx that hoover up everything that he offers now. Nothing about Drake has ever read authentic to me in retrospect (aside from being authentically calculated, which I guess is still authentic to its own degree), and to release shit like this during a pandemic only enhances how shitty he is. I last enjoyed a track from him on Views, and even then it was more singular than collective. He's the joke of rap at this point, and that beard and light-skindedness are major props for people to dismiss his inability to grow and be intriguing as a figure in modern music.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Actually name checking Michael Jackson in 2020....the worms
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  18. Birds of a feather flock together
  19. Most of the album will probably be the same old but honestly if it includes another track on the level of After Dark (possibly his best song since Hold On, We're Going Home) then I'm here for it.
  20. The couple of tracks he released without much ceremony over the last couple of months ("War", "When To Say When," "Chicago Freestyle") were promising and I was (quite stupidly, let's admit it) excited to see what has was going to do next, especially since he promised a "more concise" album. He did less than the bare minimum on this one. It's embarrassing actually. Long gone are the days of Take Care and Nothing Was The Same...
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