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Drake - Toosie Slide & new album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. This is......................dystopic as fuck.
  2. Goddddd I truly miss Take Care Drake. That’s when he was EXCELLENT.
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  3. Not Jake Quickenden blocking him on iToonz. It's happening! He's OVER!

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  4. I feel like he does this every time around dddd. He releases a few songs that sound promising and then the album is an 80 track, incoherent mess.

    Her cares more about making money than being an artist and it's a shame because he has talent. Take Care did a great job showcasing that. Everything since Views has been a disaster.

    Combine that with the fact that he's a creepy weirdo, we can live him in the '10s.
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  5. I have a soft spot for Passionfruit, and that’s partially because it gave us Yaeji’s fantastic cover
  6. No surprise he's #1 on US Spotify with 2.67 million streams. Definitely going to debut #1 next week on BB H100.
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  7. Shameless.

    Wish my faves did the same.
  8. The difference between this and Macarena though, is that the latter is a stone cold 10/10 bop.
  9. Take Care - Nothing Was The Same - If You're Reading This It's Too Late was an excellent sequence of albums. Views would have been cute cut down to 8-10 tracks max and I actually enjoy a decent portion of More Life even though that's when he really leaned hard into the clownery. He's just been obnoxious and artistically boring since then.
  10. His feature on Bad Bunny's MIA was really the last thing he's done that I enjoyed
  11. If he wants to put out a quick lil TikTok soundtrack “bop”... whatever. Who cares. But the video is tacky.
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  12. Shameful. His name going down next to Madge and Mariah for a song like this? An unmitigated disaster.
  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    'Toosie Slide' is an abomination, it makes perfect sense to be #1 during a global pandemic.
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  14. K94


    Sad they wasted a cute instrumental on something so soulless and miserable - whenever Aubrey sings those instructions, this immediately comes to mind

  15. I sometimes feel a little obtuse when I see a track in the charts and purposely avoid it, based on the artist or their history... but, holy shit, I truly hope I never ever have to hear this.
  16. Literal trash. I guess when you know that you can score hits with literally zero effort, there's no need to put any real effort in. But it's a true shame to see someone as talented as he is let his music descend into... whatever the fuck this is. Thank Me Later and Take Care, I'm so sorry sweeties.
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  17. Unmitigated Disaster would make for a good album name.
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  18. tea


    This 1000x this. This is what should be on the front of pop justice.

  19. This is lovely .
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