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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Veritaserum, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Thank god Everything I Do I Do It For You will remain the Greatest Song of All Time somehow, I guess?
  2. Fat-free Views tracklists? Here's the real tea.

    1. Feel No Ways
    2. Still Here
    3. For Free
    4. With You
    5. Controlla
    6. One Dance
    7. Too Good
    8. Hotline Bling
    9. Fire & Desire
    10. Weston Road Flows

    And that's Sincerely Drake.
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  3. Zaddy is ascending the records even more and now enters the Top 5 for most weeks at #1 (for non-soundtrack figures) in a 3-way tie to for #4:

    Artist, Title -- Weeks at No. 1
    Adele, 21 -- 24 (2011-2012)
    Garth Brooks, Ropin’ the Wind -- 18 (1991-1992)
    Billy Ray Cyrus, Some Gave All -- 17 (1992)
    Drake, Views -- 12 (2016)
    Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill -- 12 (1995-1996)
    Santana, Supernatural -- 12 (1999-2000)

    He's also Top 10 with soundtracks added in:

    Artist, Title -- Weeks at No. 1
    Adele, 21 -- 24 (2011-2012)
    Whitney Houston/Soundtrack, The Bodyguard -- 20 (1992-1993)
    Garth Brooks, Ropin’ the Wind -- 18 (1991-1992)
    Billy Ray Cyrus, Some Gave All -- 17 (1992)
    Soundtrack, Titanic -- 16 (1998)
    Soundtrack, Frozen -- 13 (2014)
    Drake, Views -- 12 (2016)
    Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill -- 12 (1995-1996)
    Santana, Supernatural -- 12 (1999-2000)

    Right now, there's no upcoming weeks he's expected to not be #1. Perched't for him to snatch Billy Ray & Garth.
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  4. They performed Too Good for the first time at OVO fest.

    Not Rih literally going on flights overseas.

    She may as well not have bothered though, it was terrible.
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  5. RJF


    When is the UK tour, King?
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  6. Adore his material (and also adore him to pieces, for no particular reason). It's funny to see how far has he come after "Thank me later".
  7. What is the likelihood of Frank Ocean dethroning him on Friday? I love Drake, but this reign his crazy.
  8. As the months drift on, I cannot help but feel a bit bothered that this is the album of which he's taken the world over with. I still maintain that it's a colossal mood piece which captures the Canadian seasonal changes with a strange wistfulness. I still gather his imperial paranoia as armor he seems incapable of removing. But it does not stack properly against his previous efforts, which, to me, had more immediacy and cohesion. There are many great pieces on Views, but it would've been far more powerful if slimmed down to a tighter structure. I understand: he's at the top of his game, so why not pack on the excess? But, just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  9. Who?
  10. What would your version of Views look like? I listened to @Mr Blonde's fat-free version last week, adding Pop Style featuring The Throne, and found it a lot more enjoyable than sitting through the full album.
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  11. This makes this album so much more manageable. Thank you! I kept in Summer's Over Interlude as well, because it's gorgeous.
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  12. I just listened to Over for the first time in years. Love this song.
  13. I'm actually not that great at reconfiguring albums, but the playlists other people have made seem pretty legit.
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  14. Haha fair enough, me neither. I'm going to give @constantino's edit a go next.
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  15. Is it weird that as his music has become more popular and much more leaning towards something I'd like, the less interested I am in listening? I like Too Good, I liked Hold On We're Going Home, but I haven't touched an album since Take Care, and then the debut before that.

    One Dance has an incredibly off-putting hook and I fail to see the attraction. His bits are nice.
  16. So I found this article on Stereogum about the legitimacy of Drake's reign and honestly, it makes sense to me. It's still an out-there enough claim to feel a bit conspiracy theory, but it all seems to check out. Anyway, here it is.
  17. That was a lot of words despite it really saying nothing.

    The guy's twitter is also awful.

    Why does Drake have all these rock fans shook?
  18. Okay, tl;dr then.
    Sales/streaming data is proprietary. Services provide sales & streaming numbers, Nielsen reports. They don't investigate your numbers. This hasn't been a massive problem in the past because between publishers wanting to be paid more money and streaming services wanting to pay less money, there's significant incentive to report accurately.
    However, with the recent territorial claims by streaming services it's more important to tout your service as better than others. If Apple Music is responsible for Drake's chart reign they can claim a strong track record.
    Things have already gotten questionable- Jay Z's already made claims that Lemonade had better streams than seem physically possible in order to make Tidal look good.
    So based on this guy's research, Apple claims to be giving Drake roughly equal streams to Spotify, despite having about one-seventh of the subscription base.

    Based on research in the article this person (Michael Nelson) thinks Apple Music is massively overreporting Drake's numbers to make Apple Music seem attractive.
  19. I question the guy because he's also the same idiot who said Drake's old views/sales for Hotline Bling counted for VIEWS 1st week sales: http://www.stereogum.com/1875342/dr...tline-bling-streams/franchises/sounding-board.

    That's... not how that works.

    Let's do some math:

    #1 Drake Views 1,039,058 (851,675) [245,087,706]

    So 851,675 in pure album sales and 187,383 from TEA/SEA.

    So already over 4/5th's of his sales are from just pure album sales.
    "Hotline Bling" that week wasn't even in the Top 50 on the Digital Sales chart - while One Dance, Pop Style, and Controlla were.

    So not only does the author not understand 1) how the charts work, but then 2) seems to be putting all their eggs in one basket assuming Hotling Bling carried the chart success when track has multiple huge songs contributing to the SEA/TEA figures of VIEWS.

    The points they make are also.. odd? Pointing out the drop in Drake's sales is meaningless when every one of Drake's albums has had similar drops - and nearly every big rap album has had, as well. Rap albums are usually front-loaded in sales. This is something, y'know, someone would know if they researched rap music. If they also did research, they would have seen Tidal in the past HAS been accused of inflating numbers for The Life Of Pablo and had issues where Billboard rejected figures, so why would they accept inflated figures from Apple?

    I wish people who actually wrote on this weren't weirdo chart purists who had no clue what they were talking about.
  20. He's not saying it counted for the first week sales for Billboard. He's saying it boosted the RIAA sales count for certification, which are cumulative. The phrasing here is "crossed the 1 million mark in U.S. sales and nearly 1.2 million globally." That's in total.
    The point they were making there was in how sales had fallen and were following normal patterns, but the streaming was still hitting numbers well out of the normal scope. They were saying sales patterns were making sense, but not streaming patterns. I feel that's relevant.
    I'm looking around and I can't find anything on Billboard rejecting figures for The Life of Pablo. All I see is people talking about how at first Tidal wasn't reporting numbers from the album. The article does mention Tidal was accused of inflating figures for Lemonade, but that never resulted in numbers being rejected, just that journalists were skeptical.
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