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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Veritaserum, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. No, he's saying literally:
    The article is about Drake's first week sales, aka his only sales up to that point, so yes, his total sales = his first week sales.

    Republic is touting that Drake sold 1 Million albums because Billboard confirmed he sold 1 Million albums in his first week and doesn't care if purists think a stream isn't valid enough to count towards a sale. It's 2016. We should be beyond "OKAY BUT IT DIDN'T ACTUALLY SELL THAT MANY PHYSICAL CD'S!" weird fear-mongering and clickbait.

    Also, more take-down of their points:

    Again, those drops are typical of Drake and every rap artist (and even pop artist, since indie/rock/country fans buy albums just as a consumer trend, while other genres focus on singles and streaming).

    Nothing Was the Same
    Week 1: 657,922
    Week 2: 147,812 - 78% Drop
    Week 3: 82,843 - 44% Drop

    Take Care
    Week 1: 630,571
    Week 2: 172,765 - 72% Drop
    Week 3: 90,175 - 48% Drop

    He seems to have done.. no research? about this, as he claims all 245 Million streams that week come from Apple Music when all of Drake's singles (One Dance, Pop Style, and Hotline Bling) were available on all streaming services and did 25.56 Million between those three songs on only Spotify that week. So let's be very conservative and say that those three songs maybe did another 5~ Million combined total across Tidal, Google Play, etc. and claim that 215 Million streams in his first week were from just Apple Music.

    In its 2nd week, VIEWS did 186 Million streams total and at least 53~ Million of that came from Spotify. Let's again be very conservative and say the total streams for all 20 tracks did 10~ Million across all other platforms from Tidal to Google Play, etc.

    Apple Music Plays:
    Week 1 - 215 Million
    Week 2 - 123 Million

    What's... so odd about those figures? That's a nearly 43% drop? Isn't the author saying Drake SHOULD be dropping across all metrics since his pure sales are dropping?

    The complete dismissal of Tidal, for some reason, is odd, because when LEMONADE can do 110+ Million in a single week and The Life of Pablo can do 90+ Million in a single week, and the platform itself is geared towards rap music, it'd be odd to exclude those possible figures. LEMONADE's total streams (so... all of its streams via Tidal) amount around to 400-450 Million, so it's not like people aren't using these services.

    So if an album like LEMONADE can produce 450 Million streams in less than 3 months, and if Apple Music is measurably larger than Tidal, why is it odd to think an album like VIEWS could do around 600-700 Million streams, with a measurably larger number of tracks (almost double), 4 huge measurable hits, and it - again - being a much more used platform than Tidal?

    The idea that Apple Music is fudging Drake's figures relies on the idea that not only are they faking figures, but also Tidal is faking figures, and that Nielsen sees this data and accepts it and has been accepting it for months, despite them having analytics in place to make sure no weird data and figures gets through.

    The article has iffy figures it's sourcing in parts and is odd because it's seemingly do all of this (with its angry fedora rage) because.... it wants to prove VIEWS isn't Purple Rain? (Though this is a man who has a whole article of angry!!! rage!!! over the usage of the phrase "streaming equivalents").

    Apple Music and Tidal should release their figures and make them public, but because data is important and interesting and you can never have too much. The idea that there's some evil streaming inflation scheme ruining the purist days, when y'know, labels would fucking buy albums themselves, switch out barcodes themselves, and have "Music Clubs" where they just started sending out albums to people and inflating figures with these strategies is.... funny. This chart made me scream:


    Shocker - most people don't buy albums or, y'know, even actively consume music. Only 10%~ of the country's population, AT MOST, owns Thriller (if you're under the naive belief that every single sale was by a unique, individual buyer). What a flop.
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  2. "The only reason Views 'has crossed the 1 million mark in U.S. sales and nearly 1.2 million globally' is because of the final song on the album; a late inclusion called 'Hotline Bling.'"
    The author's not saying it didn't cross the million mark. The author is saying that's due in no large part to a song released months ago- in a previous calendar year- and initially considered a "loosie". Not only that, but Sweet Sixteen- which came out afterward- was initially marked as the lead single.
    That's not measuring engagement with the album. When Hotline Bling was released, I didn't see anyone who seemed to think Hotline Bling was going to be part of the album. After all, Back to Back, 5 AM in Toronto, 0-100/The Catch Up were all released to some press with no plans to be included on an album. It looked like Hotline Bling was going to follow that precedent.
    "It’s not that the sales numbers being bandied about by Republic are technically inaccurate; it’s that the May 2016 numbers are artificially inflated by a song released in July 2015, which didn’t even become a hit until its video was released in October 2015."
    The 245.1 million streams were Billboard's number, and included the singles. From Billboard: "That sum includes plays of the album’s songs on Apple Music, as well as the handful of songs from the set that were available at other streaming services like Spotify." The author wasn't claiming the 245.1 million were all from Apple Music.
    Likewise, the 140 million streams in week 2 were from Billboard. The author wasn't saying the relative size of the drop to the previous week was odd, the author said the fact that total streaming numbers were still larger than the record set by a record available on physical & Spotify. Even if we just look at streaming, Spotify being such a larger service makes that a bit odd.
    The dismissal of Tidal is because Tidal has three million subscribers, by its own reports. In addition, the album was held off Tidal for the first two weeks just like Spotify. That's why- it has one-fifth of Apple Music's user base, and three percent of Spotify's.
    Most of the sources seem to be easily found on Billboard. I found all streaming numbers and user base numbers cited there, except for the Spotify contact. Stereogum is a fairly reputable source, so I'd assume one of their paid writers knows how to get ahold of these contacts. Plus, the Spotify numbers are checked repeatedly to make sure they move in ways that make sense.
  3. Hotling Bling wasn't even Top 50 in sales the week of VIEWS and its Spotify streams the week of release barely contributed 1,200 sales (yes, only one-thousand-two-hundred).

    Hotline Bling's inclusion did little to VIEWS' numbers and the first article only puts a murkier context around the second, painting the author as someone wth an anti-streaming bias. In fact, in another one of his articles, he refers to streaming equivalents as "trash," so you might want to reconsider the source.

    Yes, he literally does?
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  4. For Billboard, the numbers wouldn't make much of a difference. For RIAA, 400 million Spotify and 700 million streams at time of release (from Forbes) makes a bit of a difference. Given the Republic statement dealt with the total numbers instead of the full week, that's relevant information.
    VIEWS- the album- was available only on Apple Music. Only 15 million could hear VIEWS. 100 million could hear Pop Style, One Dance, and Hotline Bling. That's what the author is saying, VIEWS as a body of work could only be streamed by Apple Music users.
    Billboard didn't split the numbers into Apple Music and non-Apple Music streams, so that 245.1 million is the most accurate number available. The 77,000 for Purpose comes from Spotify, but if you want that to be totally equivalent it still comes out to a bit more than 100 million streams. So VIEWS managed about 245% the streams of the Justin Bieber album despite only three of its tracks having a wide release.
    When it came to streaming Drake had three songs available to Spotify's 100 million base, and twenty songs available to Apple's 15 million base. Meanwhile, Justin had 19 songs available to stream, for both the 100 and 15 million bases. And yet despite this gap in availability, with Drake having sixteen less songs available for wide release, he beat Justin's record more than twice over.
    Is it the "You Just Haven't Earned It" article you linked earlier? Because nowhere does the author call SEA trash. The article's calling into question the valuation of streaming, how 1500 streams = 1 track, 10 tracks = 1 album, and how that translates into actual revenue. It says it isn't clear how the numbers were decided upon, and looks at how that translates into actual consumption. Which is a valid question, given how much people fight over the value of music on streaming services.
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  5. It's all very "where's Obama's birth certificate?!?" to me.
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  6. I'm sorry @Plethorya, but you're really just digging your head in the sand.

    This man wrote an article ~pulling back the current~ on Drake's first week sales.The RIAA's certifications have nothing to do with Drake's first week numbers? He sold, in TEA/SEA, over one million albums. This shouldn't be shocking and when the data is so easily available, such a headache to discuss. You are misinformed about what Drake's 1 Million "total" is about (his first week sales), just as the author is.

    That whole portion? Is wrong. It's misinformed. He's ranting over something he's misunderstanding. The point of his article was to "expose" how Drake didn't actually "sell" 1 Million, yet the author again implies Hotline Bling did the heavy lifting for this total, when it it barely contributed anything.

    Like... this is just incorrect. It is factually wrong. I'm not sure how anyone can sit here and defend this when it's nowhere written in truth or based on facts?

    Also, you're missing the point of the graph being posted - he clearly marks all those 245M streams as coming from Apple Music. He even says flat out all those streams come from Apple Music. He is wrong. He is presenting wrong data. You now trying to clean up his mess doesn't erase that he wrote an article article with a fuzzy (at best) understanding, a clear bias, and falsely labeled data.

    Also -
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  7. Also, excuse the double-post, but to dispute this weird mysticism~ surrounding Drake's first week sales:

    1,039,058 - Total Debut
    851,675 - Pure Album Sales
    163,392 - SEA*
    23,991 - TEA*

    15,880 - SEA from One Dance & Pop Style [Spotify]
    18,494 - TEA from One Dance & Pop Style

    1,161 - SEA from Hotline Bling [Spotify]
    1,200 - TEA from Hotline Bling

    So unless Hotline Bling somehow got 55 Million streams across Tidal, Google Play and Apple Music (which would suggest Hotline Bling somehow made-up 25% of VIEWS' 220 Million non-Spotify streams despite counting for barely 5% of its Spotify streams), then yes, VIEWS would have crossed the 1 Million sales/equivalent threshold with or without Hotline Bling's inclusion.

    So no, when Republic Records reported that Drake's VIEWS had sold over 1 Million total and would be debuting at #1, they literally meant the album has sold 1 Million units & equivalents and was going to be the #1 selling album in the country, with or without Hotline Bling. Numbers are great things.
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  8. At least we're all agreed that the charts today are an utter farce.
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  9. Right? Songs like Cheap Thrills able to go #1 off radio play & multiple discounts? A complete farce! Let's switch to a revenue chart to stop those kind of scams!

  10. You know you've made it when people are plotting convoluted conspiracy theories to discredit your success!
  11. Legitimate hits!
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  12. @Sanctuary you are so incredibly hot with your chart knowledge. I feel like a teenage girl reading through your posts.

    I haven't listened to Views for two months (even though I loved most of the tracks) because every time I listen to Drake, it turns to a pity party, and I'm trying to stay positive.
  13. I hope he pulls a Justin and uploads them individually to Youtube and One Dance, Controlla and Too Good fly up into the top of the Top 10 on the Hot 100.
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  14. I need Too Good to be world-consuming.
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  15. I hope he chooses a more varied piece for his next single.
  16. XXX


    I'm annoyed that 'Too Good' has been reaching high chart positions worldwide but still hasn't cracked the US top 10. Any person with some chart knowledge who can tell me that it's still going to smash in the US?
  17. It's hovering too low on iTunes to grow anymore, I think.

    It was a radio/streaming in the US though.
  19. XXX


    Thanks for your honest, hurtful words. I thought the same.

    Maybe it'll still take off with a video. Capitalize on the relationship!
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