As inspired by the fabulous group photo from the TRL tour in the 3LW thread.


Undoubtedly their most recognizable song. Other songs of note include "This Is Me", "This Is Me (Remix)", "Pain", and "Crazy Ft Loon".

I believe they were managed by Diddy, and I think losing Melissa and the change in sound led to their demise. I think they tried to ressurect themselves as Phoenix or something at some point.
I personally love them and think that they were a great precursor to Danity Kane.In the U.S. their first album, their second (unreleased) album, and three other albums by them are available on iTunes and spotify. Hopefully they are available there too. They had huge potential but unfortunately couldn't become big successes. I blame Diddy.
I agree, they did lack charisma. I think Melissa had a bit, in all her Britney/Sarah Michelle Gellar look-a-likeness, but the other girls all were a bit average. I always liked Diane, but I'm not sure why. The This Is Me video is quite good. Pain is an absolutely phenomenal song as well. I only have their first album, but now I am going to get to searching for the other ones.
He Loves U Not was amazing. I have a really crappy illegal download of their album which is such lame quality sound that I can never bring myself to listen to anything from it. I should just get the official version on iTunes or buy a cheap CD somewhere online.


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I remember buying their CD in 2002. Jam.com

Sucks that Holly was really the only one ever singing.
I remember one of the first things I ever bought on eBay was a sampler of their second album. I wish I knew then how rare it actually was because I would've taken better care it over the years. I've actually seen another copy of it. I also remember buying an "advanced copy" of Reality in 2006, which I found out years later wasn't actually official but it was the only way to get the album so I didn't care.

Their second album was actually really great, it's a shame it was never released when I was originally supposed to. The best tracks, for me, are:

-Why Me
-That's OK
-What It Is You're Feeling
-Sitting Here
-Promise Me
-It Could Happen

And the best song on the album, and my favorite song of theirs, also one of the few Darkchild productions I can stand, 'Hard To Stop':

Listening to Reality clips on Itunes, I'm actually thinking of buying it. It sounds really good. What It Is Your Feeling sounds incredible. Also when is Daddy's Little Girl from? Never knew about that album.
They have 4 albums on itunes! I had no idea.

Two of the albums were recorded with original member, Alex Chester (who was later replaced by Diana), before Dream's official debut in 2000 on Diddy's Bad Boy Records.

Here's the reality show reel for Dream's reformation as Lady Phoenix in 2008. Holly chose not to participate, and the group disbanded for a second time in 2012 after they failed to gain any interest from tv networks/the public.

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Yeah i'm liking the sound of the second album too... i might invest!

Love the show. Really felt for Ashley... i had just assumed they made enough to have a relatively comfortable life as He Loves You Not was huge and the album did a couple of million. Big Reunion american special anyone??
I don't see how they could have called themselves the same group without Holly. She was the voice of the band. The second album is cheaper on amazon that itunes, definitely considering it.


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I remember buying their CD in 2002. Jam.com

Sucks that Holly was really the only one ever singing.


You do not know a member of DREAM's name.


(He Loves Me does remain a perfect song)
I remember having a copy of the promo cd of reality (I copied it so I could play that cd at work), and there was this german customer (20 something girl) who asked me who the artist was singing these awesome songs. I told her, we had a nice conversation, she even bought something and I gave her that copy of the CD (piracy alert LOL). I've never seen a happier human being in my life.