Dream were always amazing at their acoustic and harmonizing abilities! They all knew there voices and strengths and could blend them together solidly, whether is was Melissa or Kasey! I always wish that in someway Dream will come back for a reunion of sorts and release a mega smash album in the same quality of Reality!

I still can't believe Reality is over 10 years old! I still listen to this album weekly and it still amazes me how fresh and current the songs are! I blend it with some of the other unreleased tracks to make a mega mix! Love songs such as I Go (Neptunes produced), party with us, This Game, Angel and the Pink Floyd inspired Keep on Dancing! This is a pop album everyone should own!
I still regularly listen to their first album. It's great! Full of pop gems.

It used to really bug me that it was only Holly and (though a lot less) Ashley on vocals. You could hear Diana on backing vocals a lot, but I don't think we ever heard Melissa on record?
I agree, however whenever they performed live, Melissa would always sing a couple of lines quite confidently! On their second album it was much easier to distinguish their voices especially Diana and new girl Kasey, who had a slight southern drawl to her vocals.
"This Is Me" played while I was working at the farm today, and it really impressed me how well it has held up. The song sounds years ahead of its time. That's definitely my favorite Dream track, but I also have "Pain" on regular rotation. That song sounds like such a single that should have been.

edit: I was just thinking Sugababes "Blue" would sit nicely on a playlist next to "This Is Me".
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He Loves U Not, This Is Me, I Don't Like Anyone, Pain and my personal favourite Do You Wanna Dance all BANG though.
You forgot the sassy In My Dreams, the harmonies on that are slick! From the 2nd album I absolutely love Clap, That's OK, Real Me and Hard to Stop! So many classics that just reminds me of that Dirty Pop Justin/Britney/NSync era! The songs just for so perfectly!
Does anybody have the photo shoot images from the Reality album era? There was about 6-8 photos, some band shots and some individual, including kasey. I remember at the time, they were dressed in Chanel and looked awesome!
I've been listening to them a lot since remembering 'He Loves U Not' yesterday. Has anyone listened to the 3 random albums released by ClockWork Entertainment / 2620 Music under their name?

Dream Back To You
Dream Never Land
Daddy's Little Girl

There's a lot of unpolished, unfinished urban pop jams on Dream Back To You. But it sounds like some of the songs had potential. 'Party With Us' and 'Come and Get It' are my favourites.
This truly has made my year so far, such fantastic news and the possibility of a new album has me incredibly excited. Especially for the possibilities these girls could achieve.

After downloading the new track (which is on UK iTunes) it sounds so strong and magical. Even though it is a Christmas track, there voices blend so beautifully and show how strong they really have become! It reminds me of those destiny child gospel tracks you would get at the end of their albums.

The power in Ashley and Hollys voice is literally incredible! The strength and power they achieve really shows their maturity and growth. It also impressed me that Melissa is able to shine in her verses too.

This has me excited for the year ahead and I hope they pull this off and not end up like JoJo or Danity Kane. Go Dream!


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Also, interview with Complex:

"This Was Not a Danity Kane Situation": Dream on Working With Puffy and on Their Debut Album, 15 Years Later

Also, Tom Aspaul states on Facebook that he's submitting songs...
A nice enough interview. It really is hard to imagine these girls elaborating on the relatively small career they had (I think even 3LW are probably well known) but I wish them luck and will be listening.
A nice enough interview. It really is hard to imagine these girls elaborating on the relatively small career they had (I think even 3LW are probably well known) but I wish them luck and will be listening.

I must disagree. At the time, they were all over the place. (TRL, award shows, interviews, they were everywhere) They were getting a lot of bookings and people were really anticipating their next move.

Then their lead single of their second album flopped and it was over. They didn't chase their momentum. Still I do believe they worked really hard and performed a lot. So yeah. They were experiencing success.

I've been on such a dream binge this week, and I've also been listening to their unreleased material albums. There's a track on there called Find My Way. That's not dream singing that song, right? Must be a mistake??
They look amazing i'm so glad they reunited I still listen to both of their albums regularly I wonder what sound they would go with this time around