Dreamin' of Deuce

I had a bee-zarre dream last night involving a Deuce comeback of sorts, where they performed just for me and had a hit single with a re-release of Call It Love (complete with new video) and a flop follow-up, which sounded very good in my head! I think the reason it remains so clear and vivid in my mind's eye can be attributed to the fact that -

a) Craig was just wearing pink leather pants and lots of baby oil ('nuff said)...b) Kelly was back but a bit podgier c) Lisa would ONLY wear her wedding dress...d) Tom Watkins was at the side of the stage shouting at them as they pranced their way fluffily through each routine, much like an irate football manager would from the touchline...e) Paul had been replaced by an extremely creepy young man called Simon (or Si as he liked to be called) who had those funny kinda eyes that stare in opposite directions and very poor fine motor skills (...you may well ask, "what's the difference"?!)

....hmmmm....in my defence, it has been a very stressful week...

Have a fab weekend one and all.x.