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Drunk K-Pop

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Jan 19, 2017.


Rules: dont' post inside here unless drunk!

  1. Okay.

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  2. Got it.

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  1. With the key little hand wavey part? God, I can almost see it! PPPPalga MAT GOOMGOOMY HAHNAY...

    God I love that song.

    I tried it and pulled a groin.
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  3. GWSN flopped because no one wants to explain that it stands for “ground west south north”

    This is so sad streak RED-SUN (0212222799543000968)
  4. It thought it was Girls with small noses?
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  5. You don’t know
    Where we go
    You don’t know
    That we’re
    in the morning
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  6. Fei’s fantasy turns me on

    I’m sleeping in the car

    Head shoulder knees and toes

    Moonbyul should solo debut




    @Rainbow Trousers



    boys are stupid let them fall
  7. I have consumed some gin. Am I allowed to post here now?
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