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Drunk K-Pop

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Jan 19, 2017.


Rules: dont' post inside here unless drunk!

  1. Okay.

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  2. Got it.

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  1. She didn’t like it
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  2. I thought my mother would like Led Belbet because of all their retro-corny songs. Especially the Russian Roulette album.

    But no, she hates them because they're young and pretty and talented and smart.

    I should have known that. What was I thinking.
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  4. HEy girls i'M spent on some voDka agaiN

    do you wanna play??

    It's a swwweet crazy lovee

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  5. Vav thrilla kills was the best siogn ever but you gus were not ready
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    baby i don't want any thing but you.
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  7. stfu.png

    Think I'll shut the fuck up now.
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  9. I’m drunk on the train home so I’m not sticking a video in here but remember when Luna put out Free Somebody and it was the best song of all time and no one realised it? Those were dark times that I hope we never see again.
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  10. O’m going to kill someone with Weki maki picky picky but I am waiting for thevrifht time
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  11. Best friend hit me with her bra for playing Pucky Picky on Amazon Alexa
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  12. It’s nights like these where I hate the fact that I don’t live somewhere where I can expect Uni.T‘s I mean to be blasting somewhere...
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    HSHSHSHDJJD <=== korean

    The high note girl (nca?) is THE ONE
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  14. Soulmate!!!
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  15. Ok but i need y'all to apologize to Weki Meki for not stanning the masterpiece that is I Don't Like Your Girlfriend.
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  16. I Don't Like Your Girlfriend invented music.
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  17. Before I Don't Like Your Girlfriend, idols were shouting meaningless words into the void. We love a game changer.
  18. Modun gey goonggoomy hay how’s your day?
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