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Du Blonde - Lung Bread for Daddy

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Andy French, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. So after three years of relative quiet, it looks like Beth Jeans Houghton has a new album in the pipeline as Du Blonde.

    Considering the first record was one of the best of 2015, I have extremely high hopes for this. The new song is some excellent Hole-meets-Marina realness too.

    @BEST FICTION @LE0Night @constantino @Jwentz @backstreetjoe
  2. Fucking finally. Welcome Back To Milk was everything.

    And she animated that damn video, too! Her mind.
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  4. Looks like she’s also signed to a new label.

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  6. My yellow vinyl is waiting for me when I get home, in spite of Pledge issues!
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  7. Great album! I’m a huge fan! But I have to admit I liked Welcome to Milk slightly better.
  8. I listened to this and didn’t really connect to it as easily as Welcome Back To Milk. It sort of blended into one for me and I only really took notice when the album finished and Black Flag autoplayed ddd
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  9. I preferred the second half of the album on first listen but I thought it was solid on the whole.
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