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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Though black folks and our culture are basically the reason why pop exists, the phrase “pure pop” doesn’t make me think of its origins. It gives me... whitewashed, Aryan vibes.
  2. Pure pop is what mouldy Madonna fans who post “no-rent-a-rappers” on her posts want.
  3. Ah, yes— Another antiblack phrase used on this site that annoys me to no end.
  4. I was trying to say it had europop vibe with the 4x4 drum pattern. I wasn’t trying to discredit any genres or styles for god sake.
    Some of y’all have no common sense.
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  5. why is everyone so aggressive & mean?
    I was just sharing some lyrics and a positive opinion on a leaked snippet.
    Calm down and focus on the damn music.
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  6. How mighty white of you.
  7. So... europop is pure? Hmm... ok I guess.
  8. Mess.
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  9. If you can't direct quote me, it don't concern me. Chile, anyways— Another one for the "ignore" list.

    On a more relevant note, all of my friends stanning for "Don't Start Now" after previously brushing Dua off is Popjustice™ if I've ever seen it.
  10. aux


  11. Why would anyone do that though?
  12. Are you 15 years old?
    Btw you quoted me on the first place, starting all this.
  13. Buddy, trust me, you're going to want to stop right now.
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  14. The fact that you described the snippet as “pure pop” started all this.
  15. Because they regarded Dua as one of those girls that made Forever 21 music. Meanwhile, I stanned Dua from the jump and tried to get them to realize her potential.
  16. Honey, I'm 21 and have more tact than you'll ever dream of possessing. Step aside.
  17. "Am I in the wrong? No, it must be the people asking me multiple times to quit while I'm ahead whilst giving solid reasoning and then losing their patience when I gave attitude first that must be wrong!"

    It's 2020, I don't have the energy or the patience to help you get your shit together. Figure it out yourself, and save the victim card for when you actually are one.
  18. aux


    Why is this sending me?

  19. Exactly. I'm getting too old and going through too much to explain simple concepts to grown people. Brush up on history. Use Google and Wikipedia as starting points. Watch a Youtube video essay. Do something.
  20. What does that even mean? That's the most confusing description I've heard. At least you had taste.
    WAIT. I thought you were like, a mature adult full of wisdom. Which, like you are but you're also only like 2 years older then me. I'm in awe.
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