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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. She should have said "I've got new rules" though.
  2. Poor Emme though, if she's a Dua fan...
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  3. I was about to say, loving that she's included the poster in her screenshot, SCREAMING at the username.
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  5. Break My Heart is coming next week with the music video. Hold on to your wigs girlzz. According to someone who has contact with her team.
  6. Yeah they’ve loaded the track length into iTunes too.
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  7. Dua choosing the tweet from someone with a username that spreads nasty untruths about Queenifer instead of the original from the voracious bottom?

    Hmm, she didn't say gay rights today.
  8. Break My Heart is such a BOP. I can’t get it out of my head.
  9. I don't see the rush releasing Break My Heart when she has two top 10's currently but also really excited to finally hear it
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  10. I've held back from listening to the leak, so I'm excited to hear it. But I really want Physical to become a monster smash first.
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  11. Dua was making sure only facts were present in that Coronavirus tweet by keeping the user's @ in it. The trump administration could never!
  12. I wish that Dua had been brave enough to repost @DamagedBttm's tweet. I understand why she wouldn't, but I wish that she did.

    Edit: Damn, I just read the last couple of posts and @Robsolete said everything that I wanted to say, but phrased it so much better.
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  13. Pretty sure the plan is still next Friday, but she's coming! (Again).
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  14. I hope she pushes forward. Can't wait to have my wig torn again. So far the queen has stepped on my neck quite a few times: Don't Start Now, Don't Start Now (Live in LA), Physical, Physical video, Don't Start Now (Live in LA) - Remix on Spotify.
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  15. Apparently the Physical Workout mix has some complications when it comes to getting it released on Spotify. The fact it has a New Rules sample is the main one, I don't really understand it though because they're both Dua Lipa songs.
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  16. That’s interesting, hopefully it can be resolved soon.
  17. They probably need to get approval of all the publishing companies involved in New Rules and it's complicated because they're using the exact same production stem. I think they should just re-record her saying 'one' or just remove that part all together.
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  18. I am positive they will fix it; just like she did with Live in LA.
  19. Rumours flying around that Future Nostalgia and Chromatica are going to be delayed. But there's nothing concrete so imma ignore for now and focus on the good news:

    'Physical' is now #6 in the midweeks. ('Don't Start Now' was pushed to #7)
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