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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. BTG


    Y’all are doing way too much on “Boys...” I mean, yeah, it’s not up to the rest of the album’s standards but it’s hardly horrific.

    Fags will be fags, I guess.
  2. BTG


    That sample on “Love Again”...

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  3. aux


    We heard you the first time. How the fuck are we supposed to know what the password is?
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  4. Sorry for posting twice by an accident FFS.
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Boys Will Be Boys is fine. Good in Bed is a bit kooky and sounds more like something meant to be a B-Side.
  6. I know it's really bad bad bad bad bad
    It messing with my he he he he head
    we drive each other ma ma ma mad
    but baby that's what makes us good in bed


    Ple e e e eeease
    Come take it out of me me me me me
    I know it's really bad bad bad bad *fart noise*
    but baby that's what makes us good in bed

  7. This album is so fresh. Levitating is the one for me. Only song I don’t care for is Boys Will Be Boys.
  8. Mood:
    Changed my Amazon preorder to expedited delivery.

    PLS come out
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  9. The Hallucinate - Love Again - Break My Heart sequence is immaculate. The flavour!


    Maybe being a Comeback Corner gay was not a mistake for a moment.
  10. Sam


    Boys Will Be Boys knocks???? What aren’t y’all hearing???????
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  11. The title reminds me of that Ordinary Boys song.
  12. I very rarely lie when it comes to Rachel Stevens.

    Stream it once, stream it twice. Buy it on iTunes.
  13. It really does.

    God, that's a throwback.
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  14. Yay I can finally stop pretending I love the new Weeknd album and live my true gay fantasy to this.
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  16. It's over
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  17. If it’s not in error, maybe it’s just physicals being pushed? I couldn’t imagine the entire thing shifting, especially after the leak.
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  18. It's still April 3 on other sites. By other sites I meant her UK and US store, Amazon, Urban Outfitters etc
  19. There is no way they're going to push the release after today's leak. Worst case they'll release digitally first and then release a physical edition in June with added songs/bonus content.
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