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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. RMK


    It really did. And I think that's a testament to her work ethic and quality control. Like, Ariana really kicked things into full gear her second era, but she also developed a fanbase from her work with Victorious and was already much more of a personality. Dua doesn't have that, she's skyrocketed with her output speaking for itself.

    I think this also shows people, past the gays, are vying for a popstar of this stature. She isn't cutting any corners: the consistent performances, the art direction, the videos. She's nailing it, and people are interested.
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  2. Oh I thought it had underwhelming debut numbers here so far.
  3. Rem


    The Brazilian twinks are stanning.
  4. Listening to the instrumental version of Hallucinate is such a moment. It really sounds like the best of Kylie's Fever combined with Madge's Confessions.

    WHO KNEW IN 2020.
  5. RJF


    It's almost as if the current pop industry standard of releasing a single, said single releaser going on a four month vacation in Cancun the day after release, coming back to do sixteen editorials (who collectively have the readership of three homosexuals) about how much you're slaying the game despite never playing it, and saying, "Everything moves so fast! We can release singles whenever we want! People want instantly gratified!" when you've gratified the people exactly once in a calender year, doesn't fucking work.

    This campaign has been a masterclass in how to classically promote while using current platforms. The multitude of "Don't Start Now" performances across the globe on shows that had a big reach in the countries they were performed, followed by them all being on YouTube officially and instantly instead of being snatched down by dumb ass networks (all of those performances have millions of views) and the Live In LA version has a whopping thirty five million views. Jumping into radio stations and doing interviews which again end up on YouTube and therefore global. "Physical" coming out and peaking at the right time, with its secondary content also being highly viewed, and even the last week with every possible promotional platform guttering out, they pulled it out the bag. Like, put your artist out there. Make fucking content. These platforms aren't dead; you stopped sending people onto them because it became accepted that getting on three key playlists (...which Dua has been heavily featured on but still) was the be all and end all when, although they matter, there are still ways to pivot round it.

    I really hope the way this has performed acts as a watershed and a major wake up call. The album is a medium is far from dead. You just need to let people release them.
  6. I knew her ass was coming for me when she said Madonna inspired the album. You don’t just invoke M and do it lightly. But I think the real shift, prior to that, happened back when “Electricity” was released and the girl everyone said was dead in the eyes, lacked any stage presence or charisma was on my screen proving all that talk wrong

    And her Grammys performance with St Vincent? Coolest ever

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  7. Future Nostalgia is the Cultural Reset and I will sue if I hear anyone use the term for anything else ever again.
  8. I finally figured out what Hallucinate reminds me of. Both bops!

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  9. Amen! I’m so tired of lazy pop stars. And lazy labels who try to control everything.
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  11. And this also shows how a relatively long rollout (Don’t Start Now came out in November) can feel shorter due to her constantly promoting the singles and putting out content.
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  13. I also think the only person who's said "We can release music whenever we want these days" to actually release music when they want to is Ariana. And even then.
  14. Good In Bed is my least favorite, by far.

    I admit. I actually wasn't planning to listen to the album. Dua Lipa was an artist I heard on the radio but nothing really triggered me to listen to her other songs. But I heard so many positive things about her new album! And since I have plenty free time (you know the deal) I had to give it a try. And I'm not disappointed. It's exactly what I need right now. It also makes spring cleaning so much more fun.

    My faves right now are Physical, Hallucinate, Levitating, Love Again, Break My Heart, Boys Will Be Boys.
  15. Rem


    More promo pictures. She looks stunning as usual.
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  16. Poor y'all choosing a single 11 in next month's Dua Lipa two album rate.
  17. Couldn’t agree more. I remember back then we all thought an April drop was too long, but (once again) she proved us wrong. It has not felt the best part of a six month rollout at all, since she’s forever kept things fresh and ticking along nicely with a steady stream of content. I don’t know a better woman.
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  18. I think this was the moment that totally sealed the deal on Dua for me. Pure electricity from start to finish.
  19. Levitating or Cool need to be singles....or both.
  20. I'm absolutely in love with eight of the songs but Levitating is far and away the ONE for me, no contest.
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