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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I would kill for one of the outfits... The absolute flex...
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  2. With the right rapper and flow a rap verse could be fantastic though?
  3. Her team is really killing it wow.
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  4. Hmm ‘no hip-hop in my pure-pop!!’ teas.
  5. Just bought a signed CD and I don't even have a CD player. I think this is the first time I've bought a CD since BEYONCE. Wow her power.
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  6. RJF


    Zoom chats being prizes THIS FUCKING TIMELINE
  7. When was the last time this happened?
  8. The last two times a pop girl has performed with a rapper at the Grammy's it was 2+ years ago and on songs that they'd collaborated on. How weirdly pointed to single out rappers when it's more likely they'd stiff her by giving her a part of a multi-song multi-artist tribute to another much older musician. That being said she could turn most of the bops on the album into a Donna Summer homage performance and give the mother of disco her the tribute the Grammy's denied her.
  9. You don’t need to buy the album to enter the competition, which is just as well as I’ve thrown her enough coin this week already.
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  10. Yeah the only right way to have Dua perform in a tribute, is for a disco one! And giving her a big part of it, too
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  11. RMK


    Pretty Please sneaks up on you. The album has been on repeat since the leak, but I noticed since official release that song has gotten some of the most attention from me.

    Also, Don't Start Now is insane. The best moment being the absolute adrenaline rush of the final chorus keeps you looping it.
  12. (But we don’t say that)
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  13. If you win a Zoom chat without buying the album this is all that pops up when Dua turns her webcam on

  14. The lack of separation between #4 and #8 is making me anxious. We need the gaze to stream harder!
  15. At least she's representing for the girls in the Top 10 because it looks unfortunate otherwise.
  16. At first I was a bit indifferent to Pretty Please but now I'm a bit obsessed.

  17. This album is just pure euphoria isn’t it
  18. Is it wrong to subscribe to Tidal for £4 for four months and leave this playing on repeat for the next 120 days? I’m hoping the streams payout outweighs me supporting Tidal at roughly 5400 song plays coming to $64.80 according to this: http://www.streamingroyaltycalculator.com/
  19. Electricity found rotting
  20. Why do I keep thinking of S Club Party when I listen to Levitating?
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