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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Miss Puth better not be seen anywhere near Doer's third album.
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  2. The way Ms. Puthie forces his way into every corner of the music industry... I'd applaud it if it was anyone else.
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  3. In other leaky leaks, a demo of Scared to be Lonely sung by Troye Sivan is out there also.
  4. TMI


    I’ve ordered the pink vinyl at last.
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  5. Good grief this album (apart from the final two songs) is still that album and of course Physical is still that song.
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  6. Completely agree. Hopefully the slow burn continues and Break My Heart smashes. It’s stayed pretty consistent on the Hot 100. Wonder what could be done to give that ‘extra’ push
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I can..already tell how this is going to sound ff. One of Dua's most underrated vocals though so everything worked out well!
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  8. I’m not saying she hasn’t...

    But the head of her record label recently said that this is the beginning of a two year campaign and Dua herself said she’ll film a green screen video if necessary, having seen something Drake filmed.

    I’m certain she will have all the budget she needs to continue plugging this album (and it’s re-release)
  9. I thought that Katy Perry performance was shite.

    Anyway she could just film 'Cool' sunbathing in the garden and it would do well.
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  10. RJF


    I think "Break My Heart" has done well considering it had to contend with both "Don't Start Now" and "Physical" surging in the UK after the album release and the fact that "Don't Start Now" was also peaking in the US around the same time. Its UK chart run has been 6-7-10-12-12-12-11-11 which is nothing to knock considering she had two singles above it for a lot of that run. It'll probably end up being more successful than a lot of multi-week Top 10s we've seen this year and it's still holding strong on Spotify (...with "Don't Start Now" not that far behind it ffff A SMASH!). I don't think she'll need another single until July at this point. Perhaps best to let all the singles cool down a little bit. It's impressive that she hasn't actually choked radio with the choices.

    The album remains an absolute triumph. I... don't see anything deposing it for me this year, but we'll see I guess.
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  11. Break my Heart is starting to go viral on tik tok and it's #9 on US radio with good callout scores. Let's pray it keeps increasing.
  12. Break My Heart will probably go onto ACR in the U.K. next week so will drop down the charts. It’s also looks like it’s taking off again a bit in the US (up 8 to 31 last week). Don’t Start Now is still in the US top 10. If it does take off properly in the US it could well hang around until August/September. My prediction is we’ll get another U.K. /Europe based single in the next couple of months, before a brand new worldwide single towards the end of the year for the rerelease that they keep talking about.
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  13. I think some people expect the Normani collab to become a single from the re-release... but I just can’t see it happening unfortunately
  14. I love 'If It Ain't Me' but Normani is certified chart poison so I wouldn't be surprised if they pushed the solo version, if it's even released at all.
  15. Normani isn't certified chart poison. She's guaranteed release poison.
  16. Such a great album.
  17. My US vinyl boxset finally came and wow it is amazing. I didn’t realize the note was a whole sleeve sized insert. Love the hardcover and the photos are beautiful. So glad I got this. It was worth the wait.
  18. C'mon smash.
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