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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. They're both summery as hell!
  2. Weird to live in the same timeline as people who aren't thrilled about Hallucinate being a single. That's all I wanted the second the first bass pluck fondled my ears.
  3. I guess we’re ready for the summer...
  4. The feature could be launching the re release.
  5. What if they get Madonna on If It Ain't Me and sample the synth from Hung Up in the intro instead of the one we have now which basically sounds pretty similar.
  6. The concept of "releasing" the song unremixed with no feature on July 10th is tickling me for some reason, but I also appreciate that she's at least trying to maintain the illusion of a traditional campaign.
  7. I"ll take anything as long as it ain't one of last two tracks.
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  8. This is not the development I was expecting. But I'm not mad as they're all bops anyway.

    Love Again for final standard edition single pls!
  9. You sure about that? rip
  10. nn Hallucinate is my favourite album track so I’m here for it, girls!
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  11. Normani's team is a mess but...
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  12. Hallucinate is the worst song on the album aside from the last two travesties so I'm a bit disappointed by this.

    Cool and Love Again don't deserve to be pushed aside like this.
  13. I am So chuffed about this. Hallucinate is my favourite song on the album and what a lovely surprise after we’ve been thinking that Levitating was coming next. I love both so if Levitating is next then my god this singles run even beats the Rhythm of Love, The Fame Monster and Teenage Dream singles runs. Wow. What a woman.
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  14. Why are they teasing the Normani collaboration so much? No one is sitting in anticipation for Normani anymore.
  15. Dua to the gays after seeing what a mess Normani's team are:
  16. Hallucinate first for Europe while Break My Heart peaks in the US, then Levitating, they keep doing everything right.
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  17. What if the gag is that Normani is the legacy act
  18. Hallucinate is a great choice. I love how for months we've all been saying she's spoiled for choices and pretty much all but 2 songs could be singles, and then the minute she announced this instead of Levitating half of you turned on Ms. Hallucinate in no time. She's a bop and she'll probably do very well for her internationally while Break My Heart takes till November to peak here.
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  19. The gays won!
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  20. When Hallucinate bombs and so they skip Levitating and move straight on to the re-release.
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