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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Huh. This isn’t a bad choice at all, just totally unexpected.

    So, are we still getting Levitating later this year?
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  2. I doubt there will only be a month between singles. If they're committing to Hallucinate then I wouldn't expect another single till September at the earliest.
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  3. Yes sis let her know!!!
  4. I'm happy with whatever the single choices are. All songs are bona fide BOPS™ (minus the last 2 songs, which are honestly guilty pleasures of mine).
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  5. A four single deep major pop campaign with no collabs...the absolute power that has.
  6. TMI


    Do we know if Hallucinate will have a single mix treatment ?
  7. How can they make it any more perfect?
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  8. For the re-release I hope they keep the current last 2 tracks at the end if the ones added are all uptempo. I like how they are placed currently so I can decide if I’m in the mood for them or not.
  9. Where are people mad? Is it not a discussion forum?
  10. Replying to a post where the word "mad" is used in an ironic way after twenty four hours, to make a point. Beep boop.
  11. Replying to a post where the word “fight" is used in an ironic way after some hours, to make a point. Beep boop beepity boopity.
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  13. You won. Back on topic please.
  14. Pharrell's work on Sweetener <3
  15. I-

  16. Future Nostalgia becomes the first female album to sold more than one million copies this year.
  17. Whew, that was for the folks that went to Popjustice school!
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  18. Honestly at this point just release the whole album as singles (apart from the last 2) and I’ll be happy.
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  19. Actually no, Levitating and Cool should be the next singles.
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