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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I liked it. Well done Dua!
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  2. “Plateado” was renamed to “Un Dia” and is coming out on July 24th.
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  3. It's the snippet we already heard. One Day means Un Dia.

    It's produced by Tainy.
  4. Keep it.
  5. I’d be a little sad if she ditched the black/blonde look during the Future Nostalgia cycle - it’s a whole vibe and I’m here for it
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  6. Meanwhile, Hallucinate's got a banner on EU Spotify.

    Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 15.26.07.png
  7. RJF


    Is that TASTE I spy in your Recently Played?
  8. Now come on sis, you saw my Madge ballot.

  9. Her label / team remain flawless at pushing her. She’s surrounded herself by a really solid group of people and I’m thrilled about the potential that provides.
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  10. Queen stays winning.

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  11. Having a quick look around at how Hallucinate is doing In the UK - it’s playlisted on Capital and Kiss, Radio 2 have added it to their B List for next week and I imagine Radio 1 will also add it for next week. It’s just outside the top 100 on Apple Music and not in the Top 200 on Spotify. It’s not on any major U.K. Spotify playlists. It’s in the iTunes to 40.

    I’m fascinated to see if Watermelon Sugar was a fluke post album hit, or if these will become more regular with bigger artists in the future. I guess it primarily depends on whether Spotify decide to playlist it.
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  12. And also TikTok.
  13. Yeah, it's on the Radio 1 C list from Friday.
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  14. Break My Heart is finally getting played on the work radio station.
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  15. Dark haired Dua is BACK!

    That being said, the blonde/brunette combo really grew on me and I’m sure will become an iconic part of pop culture. Hopefully she brings it back for the tour next winter summer!
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  16. Aw, I was really liking the blonde/brunette, the way she styled it felt distinctive. Oh well
  17. I think the blonde was slowly killing her hair, but I’m sure she’ll be experimenting again soon. Either way she’s so gorgeous she can pull anything off.
  18. The blonde hair served pop diva more, but she looks gorgeous either way.
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  19. Damn, I was here for an era long consistent style. The return to Black could’ve been a nice signifier of when the next era was coming
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