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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Could someone explain me? I don't understand.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    There's this.

    I'm not sure how much gets lost in translation but over here we have the word 'autochtoon' for people who live here and were born here versus 'allochtoon' for people who live here but weren't born here.
    Can not say that tweet doesn't leave a very bad taste.
  3. She doesn't want people who is not from her place to live there?
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  4. Absolute mess
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  5. Her post is vague but it reads as her showing support for an ethno state drawn around territories that are Albanian majority but actually belongs to other countries.
  6. She's basically pleading for a Greater Albania; that implies a few neighbouring regions that belong to other countries as of right now but have a huge Albanian population to unite/return with/to Albania.
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    We've suffered enough.
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  8. I don't see any of the other pop girls starting wars. Dua is always one step ahead.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It comes across like that but A: I don't know much about the political situation of the country
    B: I can't speak for her in regards to what she meant when she posted it.
    But in general it looks like the kind of post that would have me unfollow someone on social media, and this coming from the one bit of bright side of 2020 is not what I needed
  10. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Is... this Future Nostalgia?
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  11. It was a vicious post that screenshot is from a drone from a football game in Belgrade between Serbia vs Albania that sparked so much international drama back then. Also she's been poking the bear for quite some time on social media, it's also not her first time posting about this but she was never quite this big for message to reach the masses, she's angered literally whole Balkans with that sksks.
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  12. BTG


    Oh for fuck’s sake Dua.
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  13. What is it with pop girls this year just tanking an otherwise great time in their career out of thin air?
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  14. This is Ava Max's chance.
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  15. Well.

    The whole "Greater *insert Eastern European/Balkans country* fantasy/dream is quite a common occurence in the mentioned territories as the World War II came with great trials and tribulations for this whole region and we've basically had to submit to whatever the Greater Powers saw fit for us. This implies countries that were torn and split apart and have had a fairly decent size of their population all of a sudden fall within the territorial borders of a neighbouring country.

    For instance Hungary and most Hungarian people dream and think of a country basically twice as big to what they already have because there's a huge Hungarian minority scattered over its current borders. Most people in my own country, Romania, have this fantasy of one day uniting with Moldova as we share the same language to this day and the above mentioned war separated us. Will any of the above mentioned countries act on that? They won't as they know this Greater... thingie would be impossible to come to fruition and I feel like it's the case of this Greater Albania fantasy displayed here. It's just that.

    I'm not taking her post THAT seriously and find it a bit... much for the -mostly- Western posters here to do so.
  16. Well at least we still have...

    Katy Perry. Yep and that's pretty much it.
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  17. From one non-European to another, from a distance it seems the issue is that basically nationalism has led to tons of awful conflict and even genocide across Europe, particularly in the area of Europe where Dua is from.

    In the replies to the tweet, you'll see some Albanians arguing the tweet itself just is meant to recognize that the Albanian populations who have lived in the regions of North Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, etc. highlighted have lived there for centuries and deserve to continue to live there peacefully, with some citing how Serbian nationalists still believe in something like Greater Serbia.

    On the flip-side, you have her father apparently being very big in nationalist movements related to issues like Kosovo and so some people in the replies are saying it's at best in poor taste for her to use a flag that looks to represent something like Greater Albanian because at the least it argues for the unifying of other parts of nations on the basis of ethnicity.

    At the least, my heart is there for any Balkan sistren whose lives and histories have been horrendously impacted by needless nationalism in the region who feel this kind of rhetoric even from Dua just inadvertently leads down that same road. This is a really painful topic muddled with lifetimes of violence for many and I can't begin to imagine the kind of emotions these subjects bring back up for some.
  18. I second that.
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  19. I honestly don't know shit about the region, but seems like a stupid thing to post.
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