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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Not really. Electricity is part of the self titled era, and Florence's demo is completely different to Dua's.

    The Blessed Madonna, she's a DJ. Already confirmed to be part of the Levitating Remix cover.
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  2. I'm hoping they release one of the uptempo mixes of Boys Will Be Boys we know they tried for the album, with just a (Producer Mix) tag.
  3. The impression I got from her/Dua’s Instagram posts is that the Blessed Madonna has done the entire remix album (presumably with the exception of Mark Ronson’s Physical remix)? But maybe it’s clumsily worded.
  4. People are still asking who the Blessed Madonna is?

  5. Robyn
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  6. I thought so too
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Perhaps more remixers were involved but Blessed Madonna mixed them all together?
  8. No it's not, it's The Blessed Madonna, formerly The Black Madonna.

    EDIT: Oh wait, this may be parody. I'm tired, sorry.
  9. The Blessed Madonna confirmed this on her IG. But also Dua's post talked about our faves doing remixes. We will have to see.
  10. The wording of her post is confusing at best as to who’s remixing what and what “n then sum remixed by ur faves” even means - it doesn’t scream new tracks to me since they wouldn’t be classed as remixes. We need a tracklist to solve the mystery.

    Ah, Dua Riddler.
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  11. I was just joking XD
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  12. A remix album! This is exciting, but for the love of God please let these remixes me actually that and not a lazy guest verse on the middle-eight.
  13. 2013 gays will say the horse is Leona Lewis.
  14. Just say Iotv.
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  15. The Jamiroquai logo pretty much confirms his collaboration.
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  16. Summary of my questions:
    1) Has The Blessed Madonna been involved in all songs? Or has she mixed them all together in a continuous mix? If so, will unmixed versions also be available?
    2) Are all tracks collaborations?
    3) Are they all remixes as in “dance” versions or are some original versions with guest vocalists replacing Dua on parts?
    4) who else is involved? Why do some artists have pictures on the cover and some only clues? Is it even the cover or just promo teaser image?
    5) Was this always planned or is this something that has come about due to lockdown?
    6) Will Levitating be the only single?
    7) is this the re-release / side B? Or is this a separate entity?
    8) if it is Future Nostalgia and others, does that mean new tracks or remixes of stuff from her previous album? If it is new tracks, will we get studio versions and remixes?
    9) is this available for streaming, download, cd, vinyl etc? Is it Future Nostalia + Club Future Nostalgia double album or stand alone?
    10) are sales combined with the proper album?
    11) was it planned to be announced like this or did Madonna give it away
    12) will we get Levitating video (or any other videos)
    13) are they all new remixes or will some previously released mixes be on it?
    14) what versions will she do on tour
    15) What did we do to deserve this?
    16) Where does she go next??
  17. Dua can’t hit a E7 register though so it can’t be Leona.
  18. I wonder if they’d planned a preorder with physicals a bit closer to its release but Madonna leaking the cover made them announce it earlier? I hope we get vinyl for this.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Considering this is coming in 9 days I'd say this announcement doesn't feel especally early?
    Unless they'd planned to just drop it
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  20. Madonna leaking the cover was on purpose in my opinion, to create confusion and more hype.
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