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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Club Future Nostalgia is out in New Zealand... listening now & preparing to levitate well into the night! ♡
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  2. I wonder if the runtime for some of these remixes will be longer on a non-DJ set version. The Good In Bed remixes aren't even split ddd.
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  3. Ooh you can hear 30 second clips on deezer
  4. The Break My Heart / Cosmic Girl mashup transitioning into the Levitating mix.
    We won!
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  5. Some of these are not very good in bed, but that Physical remix with Gwen? Whew she did that
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  6. First listen thoughts: overall, its mixed pretty well & is an enjoyable listen. However, I probably won't revisit it as much as the actual album, as a few of the remixes are somewhat forgettable. Compared to the leaked demo, Love is Religion (The Blessed Madonna Remix) is vastly better production wise. On the other hand, I actually prefer the demo of That Kind Of Woman over the remix. Gwen Stefani singing the second verse on the Physical remix was also another highlight.
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  7. I hope the inclusion of the [Mixed] tag implies an unmixed version on the horizon, as the Physical remix deserves to stand alone.
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  8. Didn’t Mr. S said the mixed version would be out this week and the unmixed one next week ? I can’t find his original post.

    Edit : he actually said this : "Club Future Nostalgia DJ Mix alongside full length visualiser released this Fri. Album the week after."
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  9. That Kind Of Woman’s mix is a dream, giving me early 00s Kylie/Xenomania feels.
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  10. 4/5 stars from NME:

    ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ is a pick-and-mix bag that flits between modern pop, ’80s soul and floor-filling house. There are moments of total euphoria – the jubilant opener from Joe Goddard, who adds his own twist onto title track with Hot Chip-style synths and Daft Punk-inspired whirrs, is the sound of a secret Glastonbury DJ set at 3am. Horse Meat Disco’s take on ‘Love Again’ is equally exhilarating, filled with strutting beats and funk-laced instrumentals. There are moments of icy coolness alongside this, too, as when Yaeji reimagines ‘Don’t Start Now’, fusing the bombastic pop with stonking trap and house, turning it into the sound of pranging out at a rave in the early hours of the morning.

    There are also outings for several unreleased songs. ‘That Kind Of Woman’, which oozes early noughties disco à la Kylie, gets the remix treatment by Jacques Lu Cont (the moniker of English artist and DJ Stuart Price); and The Blessed Madonna’s version of ‘Love Is Religion’ is a pop-house belter with a singalong chorus.

    High profile team-ups add some star power into the mix, but sometimes feel shoe-horned in for this purpose. While the recent The Blessed Madonna remix of ‘Levitating’, which features Madonna and Missy Elliott, is a fist-pumping call to the dance-floor, Mark Ronson’s squelching version of ‘Physical’, which includes guest vocals from Gwen Stefani, is lacklustre.

    I'm excited for "That Kind of Woman"!
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  11. Wait at Gwen sounding good on Physical. Dua getting the best vocals out of my faves when they can’t even lay down coherent vocals on their own projects. Werk!
  12. When has Gwen ever not sounded good. What is this nonsense.

    Is Physical pro perky remixed? Does it keep the squiggly synthline?
  13. I must have missed that
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  14. Her vocals on Used To Love You sound like they were recorded with two aluminium cans and a string...

  15. A lot of people didn’t listen to her newer music, I understand. <3
  16. This betrayal

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  17. She is vocally fantastic on this song and the entire album, what you smokin' sis
  18. The Physical remix feat. Gwen is the obvious highlight for me. The rest of the album is pretty hit or miss, to be honest.
  19. I'm really grooving to both of these Pretty Please remixes, though that might be mostly because it's the best song on the original project too.
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ooh the Neneh Cherry bit is just part of the Buffalo Stance rap.
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