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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Club Future Nostalgia as a whole is amazing - an experience from end to end. Personally, I didn’t love every remix but appreciate the whole mix-tape vibe.

    HOWEVER, hearing some of these remixes in their own un-mixed glory are superb - Love Again, Hallucinate, Physical - are all elevated in their remix form and I feel lucky that we have an artist that would curate such a perfect collection of alternate versions of already perfect tracks.

    Love Is Religion is the outlier for me - what a TUNE which in it’s original form is pretty boring.

    As as for Levitating - I’d kill for some of my other fave artists to record alternate versions of their songs with massive features.

    In short - Dua Fucking Lipa.
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  2. I played with the tracklist because as a Spotify user, I have to deal with all of Club Future Nostalgia being uploaded as individual tracks. It's based off the continuous mix version of Club Future Nostalgia, but with a couple of other remixes thrown in to make up for the exclusion of "Break My Heart / Cosmic Girl" and "Kiss & Make Up." And I think that I like how my playlist plays. "Future Nostalgia (Joe Goddard Remix)" is the perfect opener and "Break My Heart (Moodymann Remix)" is the perfect closer.

  3. Levitating is being used for NFL promos in the US. Smash incoming.
  4. Dula Peep for the virtual Super Bowl Halftime 2021 confirmed!

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  5. One Kiss smashing while Electricity was ignored annoys me to this very day.
  6. Not Spotify wrecking my scrobbles again... What’s wrong with packaging this as an album??

  7. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded them uploading the tracks onto Spotify individually if they'd bothered to give each track their own cover art.
  8. That Kind of Woman and Love is Religion could be songs from a new album with this production as the original one and I wouldn't be mad. They are fire.
  9. That Kind of Woman remix is stunning.
  10. I love this much more than the continuous mix. Are either getting physical releases, or both?
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  11. Hallucinate Mr Fingers Deep Stripped Remix sent me places!
  12. The Spotify organization of this is an absolute nightmare. Let me throw these on my Dua playlist STAT!
  13. Since I haven’t seen anyone post this yet.

    Why does it feel like they are burying the remixes because of the bad stan response? Dua hasn’t even acknowledged the full remixes on social media yet.
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  14. Can't believe I slept on Love Is Religion with The Blessed Madonna... Phewwweeee

    tenor (2).gif
  15. Love Again (Horse Meat Disco Remix) is the one for me.
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  16. I've made my own playlist too!

    Imagine going to a club FN night playing only these.
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  17. The Kaytranada mix is so GOOD. I need him to work with more pop girls.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Dua has at least 11 11s

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  19. Why are they listed as separate singles? Why is literally half the tracklist missing? Why?
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  20. It's so weird not hearing the Percolator sample in this version of the Pretty Please remix dd.
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