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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. At the very least they deserve a medley moment but I hope there will be enough places for each of them to get a performance.

    BRIT Awards: Physical
    Grammy Awards: Break My Heart
    Another UK High Profile Event: Hallucinate
    Another US/Elsewhere event: Levitating
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  2. The BRITs needs to be for her what the VMAs were for Gaga - basically free reign with her performance (as well as the awards sweep).

    She’s had one of (if not the) biggest British albums of the year so I hope they give her the platform she deserves.
  3. Get Dua to present the Brits and sing 8 songs.
  4. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    My 2020 Top 3 is really going to look like

    • What’s Your Pleasure?
    • Club Future Nostalgia (DJ Mix)
    • Future Nostalgia

  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Hopefully Dua whips Physical out for her Mercury performance!
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  6. I salivate thinking of Break my Heart, Physical, Hallucinate or Levitating performances with the same level of perfection as the Don't Start Now ones. This era deserves it.
  7. Just call it the Lipawards 2021 next year.
  8. Such a good album. I'm surprised it took this long for the GP to catch on because her first album was great, too.
  9. It was good but this is on another level in every aspect (music, videos, performances).
  10. Hallucinate getting a new peak last Friday, and with the midweeks suggesting a Top 30 placing for this Friday, is a true popjustice.

    The superior song won (for now)
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  11. The intro to Cool has always reminded me of
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  12. I really thought Hallucinate would be an easy Top 10 for her, I’m kind of surprised it’s just hovered around the Top 30.
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  13. It being Single No. 4 with a bad animated video probably impacted its potential for success.
  14. It's done great honestly. I think it could still sneak top 25 or so too.
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  15. I don't disagree, but i think it's good enough for that album to warrant the response she's getting with Future Nostalgia.... and i think the response to Future Nostalgia is a little tepid compared to what SHOULD be happening. Basically i just think she's still underrated and has one of the more interesting voices in pop right now.
  16. Can we all just take a minute to.....


  17. Whoever designed the Dua Lipa logo is a fucking genius. It's young, it's fun, it's classy, it looks equally great in pink and in gold - it's really the opposite of me in every way!
  18. Best cover works since Fever by Kylie. Every cover is iconic.

    I would've loved Katy having this kind of aesthetic for her singles and album. I sometimes forget how important are the visuals.
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  19. The Physical cover ruining the flow though.
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  20. I can't unhear this oh my god
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