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Dua Lipa - Club Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. It's confirmed. She will never stop serving!
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  2. Surely, she's doing the EMAs?
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  3. I'd be fine with them re-airing this masterpiece:
  4. Levitating up to 16 in the UK midweek.
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  5. Her look on the set of the video with Angele is inspired by Ciara 1,2 Step look. The 2000’s keeps winning.
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  6. It’s gonna smash isn’t it
  7. Love Again is being played on Europe, specially getting heavy airplay in Germany and Greece. I think it will be a single at some point, with the Netflix episode coming soon.
  8. Where do we see the German airplay chart? It's not top 200 on Spotify there so... I'd be surprised.

    Ah, found it - it's not in the airplay 100. Hallucinate is her only current entry at #8.
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  9. It’s not on the Airplay Chart but it’s getting a good amount of plays and it’s just starting, almost the same plays as Levitating, so I don’t know what it’s the next single there.

  10. Levitating is now top 15 in the midweeks.
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  11. Queen of posting whatever she could find in her camera poll
  12. How does the U.K. chart decide when to credit guest artists? I’ve noticed that in last week’s chart Levitating was only credited to Dua, despite the DaBaby version being higher on streaming and iTunes.
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  13. New song coming out this week according to Mr. S.

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  14. Miley cleaned her IG bio, I think it is.
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  15. He said "I can say it's both based on the cover art." I think he just meant it's this picture in which Dua's half is taken from the Future Nostalgia photoshoot...
    I'm not sure if that's the final artwork but it's been floating about. It also appears in the music video here in the doorway...
    Also, is that Michelle Visage? I could be wrong.
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  16. Levitating smashing so naturally and easily
  17. We'll be getting new Dua track this week (as per my friend that works in UK radio).
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