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Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Thing is there aren't that many of those anyore. People have been moving on.
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  2. The drop is predictable but there’s just something about that dirty bassline that does things to me. I like how it’s slightly grittier than the songs on her debut and, of course, it’s always nice to have a new Dua song, especially since who really knows how long it’ll be until her sophomore album.
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  3. It’s a very Fifty Shades sounding track, but fantastic nonetheless!
  4. So, I just saw her last night in LA and I have a lot on my mind I wanted to share. I had seen multiple of videos of her perform before, and shared a lot of the sentiment that she lacked charisma but had everything else, so my expectations were contained.

    First of all, her opener was a trainwreck. It's really unforgivable that in LA of all places, to a sold out audience, that's the best they can find. Those were legit the most embarrassing 20 minutes I've ever seen. The audience was so young, and they had a girl cursing and saying nasty things for no reason.

    But... I had so much fun.

    I think Dua is still living the dream, and while she gets nervous on TV, she knows to bring it when it's her own show and people paid to see her specifically. She was close to losing her voice, said she had been singing all day (guuuuuuuuurl), but she managed it right and gave it her all despite skipping Homesick.

    She was having fun, and it was so nice to see. It's weird because she is the perfect pop girl, but I think she sees herself as the lead of a pop band. Not a lot of gimmicks, no backup dancers, and she is just hanging out with her peeps.

    Begging is her best song, confirmed.

    As much as I hate IDAF as a single, it really comes alive in her show, and I can see the reasoning behind it. She really is going for self-empowering anthems. Queen of being in a great relationship, but writing about trash boys.

    She pulled off New Rules much better than I've been seeing online. People went wild as expected.

    What a freaking stellar debut, that can carry a 70-minute show without a dud, and people knew ALL of her songs. She really is the new queen of the gays, the show was like a live Grindr musical. Aside from that, it was mostly children attending their first show with their parents.

    She makes people feel good, I don't know, she is just that right now. It's been 2 years since I fell in love with her, and last night I renewed my membership.

    Excited to see what @lushLuck thought.
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  5. RJF


    The problem with "New Rules" is that it honestly just... doesn't give her enough to do on stage. She already struggles a bit to really fill a performance but the nature of the song leaves her completely high and dry. She needs to have a troupe of backing dancers that are basically just pushing her one bit of video-lifted choreography to the next.
  6. Official UK Chart Update

    04 (04) IDGAF
    36 (34) New Rules

    08 (08) Dua Lipa

    Holding up well for another week. I really hope the album and single can climb though.
  7. She tried that for The Jonathan Ross show and it was a disaster.

  8. Brits No 1 is coming
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  9. High is such a sexy bop. Yass Dua!
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  10. Cute photo! Her Instagram game >>>
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  11. How I wish Dua opened for Katy in Europe, sales are d i r e what are they waiting for?
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  12. Oh, I knew someone famous was there, people were going wild. I almost checked, but my bf convinced me it was just someone dancing.
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    Katy's taste in pop music and general up and comers is so good so I don't understand how she's such a fuck up on her own albums when she's very clearly one of us.
  14. Charli was also there according to her instagram story.
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  15. She's got new peaks she counts 'em.... again!

    Up to #6 in America!
  16. Agree with @CaliDevotion that it was a great show last week. Her confidence on stage has increased ten-fold since I last saw her a year ago, and it's evident how much fun she is having while performing. Sure, she could do a bit more on stage & could use some better staging (give me a dancer, a back-up singer, a something), but I feel like that will come with time. My major takeaway from her previous show was how good her voice sounds live, and while that still stands, girl needs to work on her breath control. She was on the brink of losing her entire voice by the end of this concert, and it showed. A song like Scared To Be Lonely is useless without those gorgeous adlibs, and she didn't even attempt them this time. The sold out crowd was electric; buzzing from start to finish, and you could feel Dua feeding off the energy. It's interesting that a year ago, her crowd was mostly made up of 'Tumblr teens,' but in 20gay18, the audience was made up of every single gay in Los Angeles.
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  17. She's recording Kimmel 14th Feb.
  18. I am still on the fence about seeing her (the SNL performances were still quite awk), but I just knew that show would be the equivalent of a Years & Years concert ie spot a famous gay haha. Alas, I refuse to pay $100+ to see her tonight, I don't mind waiting a little more to be honest.

    Charitable Charlotte!
  19. CharliE though.

    Also, no, her show is not worth $100+. The face value of $30, yes, but that’s about it.
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