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Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. I always misread "J Hus" as "JHUD" and i'm like "mmmyas Ms. Jen get that coin!"
  2. She literally sounded completely normal? I couldn't hear anything wrong at all
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  3. Goodbye career.
  4. My straight older brother took his girlfriend to see her in Hollywood last night and said she was really good and he was gonna buy her CD. New stan alert
  5. Oh that's her normal? I'm afraid to hear how she sounds when it's bad.
  6. Her vocals were okay, but the real question is: why are they always unsupported? Either give her some backing vocalists, or even just let her sing over her own track placed at a low level. Every televised performance of this song always comes off so thin in sound and flat in energy - a better band arrangement would also help here - and it really doesn't help that she appears to actively loathe every second of what she's doing when it's not within a 'comfortable' environment for her.

    She has to conquer her nerves in situations like these, because she's selling a fun, party song with all the vivacity of somebody on death row.
  7. I was expecting a trainwreck based on these reactions. She sounded fine. I think some might be setting their expectations way too high.
  8. RJF


    I think not performing "New Rules" like she wants to die is a pretty low bench mark of expectation.

    I mean she'll do "Homesick" at the Brits anyway so it doesn't matter. Kii.
  9. You need to chill.
  10. That's quite dramatic. I don't think she looked THAT disinterested.
  11. Sis. She looked exactly like I do when I'm in a meeting and thinking about what to have for dinner.

    I'm just hoping the Brits has a bit of atmosphere to help her along. Having seen her live she does seem to have a bit more fun than these dry-ass TV performances.
  12. Maybe "Homesick" is her best bet at the BRITs. She does deliver good performances of it and it could be a good slow part of the night. But wanting the slow part of the night to be a surprise performance from Ariana.
  13. I feel people looking for '1999ney' / 'she smiled to everyone!!!!' type of performances need to not.

    James Bay.
  14. RJF


    Sis you brought this up the last time her performance technique came under fire and I'm not asking for some 2006 Beyoncé robot charm offensive. I'm asking for her to feel a bit more present in these songs when she's performing them. I don't care if she isn't smiling. She is failing to communicate any of the song's spirit when she performs it.
  15. Not really, I got two tickets for $80.

    But yeah, I remember just a year ago she was playing a free show at "It's a Schools Night" and I couldn't make it.
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  16. DDDDD wait at her expecting the audience to sing “out of my mind” back at her and just her getting total silence instead.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Leave the good sis alone. We didn't suffer 8 years of Miguel to slam her now.
  18. RJF


    Miguel? Now there's a sis who can deliver a (WWE) smackdown on stage.
  19. I'm joking, and his latest album is brilliant, just he reminds me of the low of this campaign when nothing seemed to go right.
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  20. Why did she even perform New Rules on Ellen? I need these new flopstars to take tips from Camila's team because they seem to be the only ones that know how to properly utilize promo.
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