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Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. New Rules is about to break 1 billion views on YouTube.

    Talent always wins
  2. She performs like it's the first week of XF live shows and she's a contestant.

    The good sis does not survive the sing-off
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  3. Talking of, did we all know this existed? I only just saw it recently

  4. This opinion is a bit of a choice...
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  5. And with that, she's through to the finals.
  6. The performance is a mess, can she not sing the chorus in the same range as she does on the track? She needs to focus purely on vocals or get better choreography because she’s lacking in both there.
  7. K94


    Looking at the absolute STATE of that series, she would have ran with it.
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  8. We all know the British public would have still voted Sam Bailey over her.
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  9. That performance was not good but she always seems to skate a fine line but this time it was awful. If she could get over nerves and stop being so stiff in a lot of performances she’d be excellent. She’s just awkward at times.
  10. K94


    I think she's just nervous about being in the US, especially with how the media can be - I mean her having a UK #1 probably already shook her, but breaking through in the US must be extremely daunting.
  11. Y'all are talking like it was the worst performance ever. It was fine. She appears yet to feel comfortable in a television studio setting, but she's a great live performer. As for the BRITs, she'll be fine.
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  12. Sam Bailey found rotting.
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  13. This is so meta
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  14. New Rules just hit 1 billion views.

  15. It's still climbing on the charts in US. We're always behind.
  16. Didn't Becky G also hit a billion views with her song "Mayores" which would actually make her the youngest female artist to reach that goal? Either way, congrats to both of them because both songs are Bops™!
  17. That had a feature though. Solo Dua wins again.
  18. What are you doing.
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