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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. and yet she's pretty much assured of missing out on the Video of the Year Award at the BRITs. if only they'd make a new fan-voted category for Most Rabid Fanbase, and give the Video of the Year Award to the video which actually deserves it.
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    I cannot at people already turning on her again? She did fine in the Ellen performance, perhaps not her best vocal but still pretty great, and there was a lot going on in that performance and she still sounded ok (I actually loved the opening shoutout too). I pray for some kind of big megamix for the Brits performance but I'm happy for anything, as long as she doesn't suffer a SZA and actually does get an award!
  3. Why can't we have a hybrid of Zara Larsson personality and stage presence with Dua's music, that's the question that I crave.
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  4. To be honest I wasn't that unfazed by her live performances, they're not terrible by any means and she's got the songs to back them up. I guess I'm still shocked that she was in my top 3 pop releases last year
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  5. She had plenty of stage presence when I saw her live. She seems to be nervous in front of TV audiences.
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  6. RJF


    I'll have you know I've been dragging her soul sucking stage presence for about six months now, thank you.
  7. She did a cover of Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys on the live lounge today

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  8. I actually like how robotic she can be in her performances and videos. Its adds to her appeal for me. Shes chic.
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  9. Noboby is "turning on her" it's called constructive criticism. The pushback against people wanting their popstars to be the best they can be is always bizarre to me.
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  10. I just don't really get what an "engaged" or "present" performance of "New Rules" would look like. Crowd interaction or... animated facial expressions (?) or whatever would suck what vibe it has completely. I get the criticism but it's clearly her 'thing' to a degree and the conversation about her Ability is very boring and roundabout.
  11. Just pointing something out? Both artists are great and I’m glad that they’re getting the recognition they deserve.
  12. Did she forget that she has a new single to promote?
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  13. Ddd didn't this forum drag fetus Ariana despite A+ vocals because they saw cupcake dresses and thought "NOT FIERCE / POPSTAR ENOUGH!!!"?

    She could do a bit more to improve her vocals. I don't think that's asking too much.
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  14. My gripe isn't even the vocals as it is the patchy stage presence which I clearly said seems to be chalked up to nerves for her most times and I do think in time she'll get over it. It's odd it happens when other elements like dancers are injected into the performances, usually when it's her solo with just the band it's fantastic. I still love Dua, don't think I'm really turning on her?
  15. I'm still dragging good sis Ari for it. She & Dua both come alive quite well in a live setting, but neither has the charisma or presence to translate that in TV performances. Doesn't make me like them any less, though. I don't expect perfection.
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  16. Seems like this is an unpopular opinion but I thought it was one of the best performances of New Rules? I’m used to the frustrating awkwardness and dead behind the eyes look but whilst she usually sounds great it feels like she is contstantly thinking of what she is doing to do next and is performing with a gun to her head. She actually had life in her in the Ellen performance, especially in the first verse. Whilst not heavy ‘choreo’ she really suits a choreographed performance with something to do.
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    Ariana was terrible on stage though and I will always argue that despite the force she's become now. Ariana's actually a fantastic reference point for someone who was basically stiff and absent on stage before finally letting herself go a bit, stopping thinking about the next line in the song, and just going for it.

    I'll actually even downgrade my damnation of Dua's abilities since I can't stand another hysterical wave of "But it's just so BRITISH!!! Leave her alone or she'll flop!!!" and say that this problem I have appears to be with "New Rules" the most, as I never noticed her being this bad with the likes of "Be The One" and "Hotter Than Hell", both of which give her far more to work with.

    Like, I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe that people aren't getting what I'm saying. That Arctic Monkeys cover today is fantastic example of how she completely fell into the mood of the song and performed it down to her fucking toes. We're lucky if a performance of "New Rules" ever reaches her eyes.
  18. But at least she didn't sound breathy when pouting and posing. The standards for Dua seem even lower xo.
  19. Let's not act like all of those Problem promo performances weren't a mess nn. I love Ariana but she was all over the place until The Honeymoon Tour wrapped up.

    I thought Dua was a fine performer up until New Rules happened. That song really doesn't work well in a live setting. A few dancers would make it more acceptable though.
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